This Man Planted Guitar-Shaped Forest So That His Wife Could See It From Heaven

Love lasts forever and truly doesn’t understand any boundaries. Love is an exquisite feeling, which can make you go through surreal emotions. It can drive you to insanity of passion, which has often inspired several masterpieces. Take the example of Taj Mahal, for instance. Another example is of a husband who, created ‘Pampas,’ a guitar shaped forest with the help of his family, in honor of his beloved wife. This forest has become a symbol of love in the area, which reflects the beauty and promise of love. He immortalized their love, by creating her favorite instrument on the patch of land, which now spreads love in the air through it leaves.

‘Pampas’ is located in a fertile agricultural area of Argentina, which is covered by more than 7,000 eucalyptus and cypress trees. It is spread across the length of a kilometer, measuring almost 2/3 miles. Due to its sheer scale and size, the beautiful land art is visible on Google satellite, as well as to passing planes. The story behind the forest is even more dramatic and touching, which will make you want fall in love yourself.

The forest was created by a local farmer, Pedro Martin Ureta. Pedro is almost 71 years old right now, who planted every single tree in the forest with the help of his four children. Pedro’s wife, Graciela Yraizoz, became the inspiration for this idea, who, while traveling on a flight over Pampa, noticed a fluke topography which looked like a milking pail, which was planted across a farm. Graciela, inspired by the art, presented the idea of creating a better farm, with a guitar shaped tree plantation to her husband. They planned on planting a forest in Laboulaye, Argentina. But, Pedro was too involved in his work at that time, which constantly delayed the plan.

However, before this plan could meet fruition. Sadly, in 1977 she collapsed one day, which brought the unfortunate news of her suffering from ruptured cerebral aneurysm. She was not able to battle her condition for long, and died thereafter. During this time, she was carrying their fifth child, who also died with her. She was just 25 at that time. A couple of years later, in 1979, after recovering from her death, Pedro decided to honor his love and fulfilling Graciela’s wish. He was able to complete her dream, hoping she might smile looking at the guitar from heaven.

His four children became his backbone, helping him throughout the plantation, where they nurtured approximately 7000 trees. The star shaped sound holes and the eight figure shaped body in the guitar is drawn through cypress trees, while the six strings are covered by eucalyptus trees.

Their love story has also been documented on a Wall Street Journal. In the documentary the family can be seen, sharing the last days with their mother, who was excited about the idea. Pedro talks about regretting the fact he didn’t took her and seriously and was unable to fulfill her last wish. The family showed their love and affection towards their mother posthumously. They regularly check up on these plants, replanting and ensuring the shape of the guitar is maintained.
It is more than just a love story, it a story that depicts family bond and unconditional love, with some regrets too. The beautiful forest structure of love can be seen from Google Earth, using the coordinates, 33°52’4”S 63°59’4”W.

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