14 Grooming Hacks To Make You Look Sharp Before An Interview

The morning of the day of an interview or an important meeting or a presentation can be a fussy affair. You suddenly regret not having taken better care of your skin and hair. You want to look perfect and make a lasting first impression but when you look in the mirror, what do you see? A tired face, untamed hair and an unhappy you.

Next time you are in a hurry to to get ready for an important day, use these life-saving grooming hacks to look and feel like a winner!

For Damaged Skin and Acne/Breakouts

Dab some Lacto-Calamine lotion or Vaseline on the damaged area and it will heal instantly.

For Hangovers

Apply a cold face pack or ice pack on your face for 15 minutes to get rid of the tired, hungover look.

For Bad Breath

Take care of bad breath by cleaning your tongue properly. Snack on apples, carrots or celery to keep your mouth fresh. It is always a good idea to keep spare mints handy.

For Wild Eyebrows

If you do not have time to tweeze your unruly eyebrows, you can tame them by applying a bit of hair gel on them.

For Shaving Nicks

If you cut yourself while shaving, dab some lip balm on the cut. The lip balm stops the bleeding and quickly closes the wound.

For Unwashed Hair

If you do not have time to wash your hair, consider using a Dry Shampoo. They work wonders on greasy hair. If a dry shampoo is not available, you can use baby powder, or a even a mixture of baking soda and corn starch.

For Untamed Hair

While styling your hair, if there are unruly ends and flyaways bothering you, just apply some conditioner on them and they will stay right in their place.

For Body Odour

To make sure your deodorant lasts longer, apply some Vaseline on your skin before spraying the deo. The Vaseline will absorb the scent and make it last longer.

For Whiter Teeth

Brush your teeth with turmeric or a mixture of 1/4 tsp Baking Soda and Lemon for whiter teeth in minutes.

For Dull Hair

After shampooing, rinse your hair with vinegar and wash for shinier hair.

For Neater Nails

Trim and file your nails in the shower for best results.

Suit Buttons

Follow the Sometimes-Always-Never rule rule for suit buttons. The top button can be closed sometimes, the middle one should always be closed and the bottom button should never be closed.

The Right Tie

Your tie should always be darker than the shirt, and its length should just reach the belt.

For Damaged Shoes

Use a nail polish remover or vaseline to hide scratches on your formal shoes. Use a glass cleaner like Colin to buff the shoes for shine.

Save these quick grooming hacks and always stay on top of your game. When you look good, you feel confident and when you feel confident, nothing can stop you from achieving what you want!

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