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Men, you don’t need personal coordinators to look hip and fashionable

Gone are those days when dressing up and looking attractive was considered to be a thing of the ‘girls.’ Being a metrosexual man or not, it has become increasingly necessary to look our best irrespective of the setting we are in. What you are is partially defined by what you wear. A person wearing well-coordinated crisp attire is bound to attract more attention than one with mismatched clothes. You don’t have to rely on those ‘high-end’ brands anymore to prepossess; you just need to know what to wear at what occasion and which attire you can adorn to play it safe.

Stay groomed

The first thing people notice about you is your face. Now, no one would pay attention or take someone seriously who looks like a Neanderthal. Whether you sport long hair or short, whether you like to be clean shaved or love to have stubble, please make sure that you keep it trimmed and maintained.

Keep it simple

You don’t need to spend extravagantly to look contemporary and stylish. Go according to what your budget allows but make it simple. You don’t need to wear a sparkly silver shirt for your friend’s marriage or need to buy an expensive tuxedo suit for your important business meeting. Wear something simple but coordinated. Your clients and boss are more interested in what you present than what you are wearing.

 Fit is the key

Yes, we all like wearing loose clothes as it makes us feel free and comfortable. But when outside, the clothes you wear should be your size. If they are a bit lose or shaggy, get them altered. Nothing attracts more attention than a guy in a well fit attire.

 Play it safe

You have to attend an informal business meeting in a restaurant, or you have a prospective marriage meeting with the girl and her parents. You don’t need to spend your whole morning rummaging through your closet, contemplating between a black suit and casual wear. Nothing beats the classic combo of a formal white shirt and well fit blue jeans. The white shirt does not necessarily need to be a collared one; you can also go for the mandarin collared shirt and can additionally pair it with a cool jacket.

Don’t create a fashion blunder by wearing slippers or floaters

Yes, floaters and slippers are very comfortable but please don’t ruin the look you have been working on by wearing those. Nothing turns off an onlooker more than seeing a man wearing a floater or a slipper with a nice pair of jeans or formal pants. Come ‘on! You paid attention to your style starting from your head, then why spoil it at the feet? Several formal, as well as informal shoes, are available that will go perfectly with your selected get-up. Buy them and rock the gathering.

Pay attention to the details

You might be looking your level best but adding a few details can prove to be the cherry on the proverbial cake. You can choose to sport a stylish watch or a bracelet, or can put a scarf around your neck. All these minute details will help you earn brownie points from an onlooker.


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