Tips for longer hair in a month

Almost all of the girls today wish for longer, thicker and healthier hair. But not all of them successfully reach this point because of many external factors like pollution, improper maintenance of and even genes. So, in order to help you have longer hair in a month or so, the following article will elaborate on the tips to have longer hair:

Get to the Root of the cause

If you are currently going through a lot of hair fall and weakened hair, counsel an expert as soon as possible. Give that doctor a chance to get to the root of the cause and then tackle it. There can be different causes behind your issue. Taking proficient help will help you distinguish the correct cause and control it at the earliest.

A healthy diet and proper maintenance are as basic for your hair as it is for other parts of your body. Oiling the roots gives sustenance and quality to help your hair become long and solid. It additionally revives dead hair as well.

  • Rub your scalp tenderly with your fingertips after applying warm oil to it.
  • Don’t leave out the strands while oiling your hair. Give them a chance to absorb the oil properly so that it can set itself in those strands and prove to be helpful afterward.
  • Wash off following one to two hours with shampoo that is mild.
  • You will note obvious outcomes after you follow these tips.

Oils enhanced with herbs give your hair quality and fortifies blood course. Together, it helps you to develop thicker hair.

Use scissors as they are your hair’s friend

Despite the fact that getting consistent trims to clip parts won’t make your hair really develop quicker, it will keep the hair ends look healthier and keep parts from working their way up strands, obliging you to have a cut of your hair more regularly.

Numerous dermatologists suggest requesting your stylist to take around only an eighth of an inch off each 10 to 12 weeks to prevent extraordinary split closures before they begin.

Change your old pillow cover

Different beauticians, beauty bloggers and dermatologists like Townsend prescribe changing to a satin texture, for example, Calvin Klein Satin White Sheeting since it has a milder surface that won’t bring about rubbing and it’ll ensure that you wake up with lesser tangles in your hair.

Never wrap up your hair again in a towel

What can be wrong with wrapping a towel around your hair? A lot! Why? Well, the reason is since it causes a lot of breakages. The hair gets caught in all the woven filaments of the towel, and each of those minor, delicate strands around your face are most probably going to break.

If properly taken care of, your hair can grow longer and thicker in no time for sure. It just takes a specific period to start growing.

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