How to pamper your skin in winter

In times of extreme cold, your skin demands even more attention and comfort. Protect it from winter aggression with a routine of moisturizing and soothing care. The skin does not like the harshness of cold. Aggressed by the fall of mercury, the skin dries and becomes more vulnerable. The cold alters the hydrolipidic film of the skin, which usually plays the role of protective shield against external aggressions (stress, UV, pollution). The cutaneous barrier, thus weakened, the skin dehydrates. Another effect of the cold is that the blood vessels contract and the blood migrate in priority to the vital organs to warm the body. The skin layer is less nourished with water, but also with sebum (the sebaceous glands slow), the horny layer (surface of the skin) dry, pulls the skin and there are itchy in the hands, face, feet or legs.

These winters Bobo can get worse when you’re in heated rooms. The solution is to avoid of hydration in order to reconstitute the skin barrier (hydrolipidic). Here are the easy grooming tips for pampering to your skin.

The anti-cold routine for face

To avoid the harshness of winter, it is advised to generously apply moisturizing cream to your skin. This keeps the skin hydrated and prevents from cracking. In the morning, after cleansing your face with a micellar jelly or cleansing oil (perfect for dry skin), use a serum before applying your moisturizing day care. In the evening feeding your epidermis with a night care or better, a night mask (that you leave during your sleep) is highly beneficial. The cold cream option for faces with very dry skin works wonders if used regularly. Enriched with vegetable oils like beeswax, it nourishes, soothes and relieves signs of discomfort. The different cold cream formulas are also available for other parts of the body (hands, lips, etc.).

The anti-cold hand routine

Hands can be dry, sensitive and prone to tightness. A moisturizing, nourishing or soothing hand balm will wrap them with a protective film and give them suppleness and softness. Care based on sweet almond oil, for example, will nourish sensitive skin. If you are outdoors in the extreme cold, always cover your hands with gloves.

How to care for your lips

The lips also suffer cold with full force if not more, than other parts of the body. They are more fragile because they are devoid of hydrolipidic film and therefore cannot protect themselves as properly as other areas of the skin. As a result, they lose their elasticity and can crack. Treat them with a special dry lipstick-lip balm that helps nourish the hydrolipidic film to rebuild. In a case of cracks, bet on a balmy repairing and healing based on Shea butter for example.

Anti-cold practice for legs

In winter, the skin of the legs, already less equipped with sebaceous glands than the upper body, naturally lacks lipids. This can give cracks, the famous crocodile skin. It deserves care (cream, milk, vegetable balm, oil) enriched with active ingredients that will deeply nourish and soften it. Think, for example, of vegetable oils such as argon, Shea butter, evening primrose or mango oil that pampers dry skin.

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