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5 Pillars Of A Good Friendship – Decoded

An old adage says it all, “A man is known by the company he keeps.” It is very important for our well-being to have good friends and be a good friend to someone else. There is no recipe for a good friend. The only way to recognise one is to have a friend who likes you for who you are. The following are the pillars of a good friendship.

Care Towards Each Other

Friends are consistently there for each other when in need. They offer emotional support us to the best of their ability when we want them to. They want the best for us and support us without judgement. You will feel cared for in a good friendship, whether its during a tough relationship or breakup or when you are unwell and they check on you to see if you take your medicines on time. They also make plans to distract you from a situation so that you are not affected by it.

Genuine friends offer guidance and advice during tough times. They do not expect you to follow whatever they say but they give it when they know you need it. They do not enforce their opinions on you and respect your choices.

A Balanced Relationship

Every relationship should be balanced with mutual care and respect. A health relationship is always a two-way street. Being there for each other strengthens a bond. While some people are empathetic in nature to the extent that they always give and do not expect in return, there are some who only take other’s time and effort to sustain their needs. You should have friends who are somewhere along the middle of this spectrum.

Develop Best Versions Of Each Other

Friends bring out the best in us. Whenever we are down they boost our morale up and when we are in the danger of being pompous or over-confident, they bring us back down to earth. They keep us modest and humble as they remind us of our beginnings. They also motivate us to achieve our goals and help us steer back when we deter of our chosen paths. When stressed they talk to us and when excited they share our happiness. They are our partners in crime in every fun activity we undertake and also our guides in the important ones.

Easy Communication

Being able to communicate effectively with you friend is the crux of your friendship. Not having to omit your thoughts and feelings for fear of judgement with your friend is the ultimate sign of a genuine friendship. The fear of feeling exposed or not understood disappears while speaking to such a friend. The other side of the coin is being comfortable with any feedback or advice that you receive from your friend. Genuine friends speak their mind and are blunt with their opinions but not rude. Such friends allow you to see different perspectives and also see yourself from a different lens. Being offended on genuine feedback is a sign you aren’t reciprocating respect to your friend.

 Mutual Trust And Respect

Trust and respect are the building blocks of any good relationship. It goes without saying that being able to trust your friend with your private information is a sign of a reliable friendship. A high comfort level comes only with mutual trust and respect. You know that you have each other’s back with strangers and other friends. Respect also applies to being comfortable with who your friend is and what he/she does no matter how different from you. You understand each other’s reasons for your respective lifestyles and choices and respect them as well.

The above 5 are the pillars to the any strong friendship. If you have these in place, you have a friend for life.

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