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Are you the happiest man in the age of Internet of Things?

Technology is getting advanced and more affordable to everyone. It is possible to do a lot of stuff while sitting on your couch without traveling in local buses where you can’t have a confirmed seat.  In this new age of techs and gadgets, a new word is buzzing all over the internet and i.e. IOT. No, it is not related with GOT, but maybe somehow it will be applicable in that case too.


Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing topic of conversation around the world. Some say it is “the next big thing.” But we still need to clear our head about what actually is IoT. Simply put, it is the concept of basically connecting any device with on and off switch to the internet or/and with each other. Say for example washing machine, mobile phone, coffee maker, car or any such devices that can be connected to the internet.

Now it can change our way of living is a little complex to grasp so let’s paint a picture. Say you are on your way to a meeting and you can have access to your calendar so it can pick the route with less traffic in advance and even if you are late it can send a text to the next party informing them. Your alarm clock wakes you up at 6:00 am and then tells your coffee machine to start making your coffee.

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There are plenty of examples like these. But as we know every coin has two sides. One of the challenges that IoT will face is security. Will someone be able to hack your toaster and then have access to your network? Then there will be issues of privacy and data sharing. Conversations about IoT are happening everywhere, and it is a concept full of opportunity but also challenges because as we all know with great power comes great responsibility.

Are we ready for it?

The answer will be a big yes, but it will take time.  The reason is simple because it can make your lifestyle a lot easier and comfortable and hence you can manage your time a much better way.  The time can be used for your fitness, your pet or your happy to achieve something more productive but what are we got addictive?  To have a better living, we do add some new things to our life which are not good if not managed in a right way.

Although this IOT thing is in the development stages, we need to make wise decisions here. A life without internet is hard to imagine because it is everywhere and we need it to complete our tasks in easiest possible way.  It is now a necessity at home, office or any other place and what if we accepted IOT in the same way?

There is time to find the right answers till then enjoy reading some other informative posts here. Do comment your views on IOT and let us know what are you expecting from it?



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