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Do you know about the 4th necessity of Mankind? Let’s find out?

From decades, we have heard that food, clothes, and shelter are the three basic requirements for the survival of human beings. But with the advancement of technology, our world has evolved too, and this has given birth to a fourth necessity of humanity. This fourth necessity is none other than our beloved mobile phones, or in particular, we can say our smartphones.

The smartphone has become a part of our day to day life and imagining a life without them is next to impossible as tweeting, posting, and liking has become the new rituals of life. And suddenly, Apple and Blackberry have become the most expensive fruits in the fruit basket. A Smartphone has become a much-indulged part of our life. We still don’t recognize it, but it has influenced our life in many ways and has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives.

If you think that you are not that obsessed with your smart device, then let’s test this! We have mentioned a few symptoms to test the extent of influence your smartphone has on your life. And we can bet that you are addicted to at least one of the following symptoms in your life:

If your first and last interaction of the day is with your Phone


If the first and last thing that you have with you before going to sleep or waking up in the morning is your phone, then my friend, there is a passionate relationship between you and your phone.  If your morning rituals include checking the posts of your friends rather than taking a walk in the park and before going to bed, retweeting your favorite tweets is your hobby, then smartphones have become your 4th necessity. This is the first symptom that you may possess.

If you are obsessed with the Social Media

Whenever you see something beautiful or while your visit to a new place, if the first thought that comes to your mind is to post it on Facebook and make your friends jealous rather than enjoying its beauty and experience, then you can guess the extent of your obsession.

If Living without apps is difficult for you

The height of smartphone influence can be seen from the number of apps a person has for every activity. Ranging from yoga app to cooking app, if you have them all and if all your solutions come from these apps, then you are very influenced by this 4th necessity.

If you’re a Virtual Bird

If a person prefers chatting rather than personal visits then, such a person is called a virtual bird, and they prefer staying in their nest, i.e. their smartphone.

If Playing games is more important than resting

If a person spends his/her free time in crushing candies or saving birds instead of relaxing or doing something healthier, then that means he/she is, of course, a phone maniac.

So, these were few of the things that tell us the extent to which you’re influenced by your smartphone or the 4th necessity of humanity.

It’s not bad to use smartphones as they have numerous benefits especially for some people like a single girl who travels alone at night. And the smartphone is a very interesting and vital gift of technology to the world. But, it’s up to us how we use it. We can either waste time playing games or using it for learning something new. The smartphone has eased our life in many ways and given us tremendous opportunities. But a person should always remember that a smartphone isn’t your boss. You are its owner so don’t let it influence your life too much. Use a smartphone with your own smartness for your own benefits.

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