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Introspection- The real mantra of a successful life

Throughout our lives, we are judged by plethora of people around us. From our very childhood, our parents judge us on the basis of our reactions to diverse situations. When we enter the premises of school, we are judged by our teachers and allies. Teachers would judge us on grounds of our academics while our friends would judge us on the basis of our behaviour with them. Later on when we are in a relationship, our beloved would judge us in terms of our so called romantic quotient and compatibility. When we go for a job interview, the interviewer tests our intelligent quotient and adeptness. Later on, our kids judge us on the basis of our parenting skills. Likewise, we are always on the receiving side. We wait for the so called critics of our lives to make a verdict about us. If critics declare us as a failure, we believe so and keeps mum. However, mere failure doesn’t mean we can’t do anything worthwhile in life. It is essential to realise our true potentials and most prominently it is essential to realise who we are. For this introspection is needed.

Introspection refers to the process of giving time to yourself and having a self-analysis. You are the best judge of yourself because you exactly know what kind of person you are. You can hide your feelings and deceive in front of others but you cannot hide from yourself. Introspection is understanding your true feelings and potentials. You might be hating studying maths but if you score good in your exams, your teachers and parents would feel you are loving it however, the truth lies within yourself. There are so many vital decisions in our lives that we tend to make based on other’s perception about us. You might have seen people ending up in a job or relationship where they are not happy. Why is it so? It is because they went by other’s suggestion.

Why Sachin and Ambani excel in their respective fields? It is because they did what they were best at. Sachin wouldn’t have been this much successful if he had chosen to study business. Similarly, Ambani might not have been a successful cricketer. All of us are different, our appearance, mind, soul, skills and interests are vivid. A person might be good in dancing while his brother might be brilliant in academics. That is why we have different streams in academics, so that a person chooses the one he is good at. Therefore, we can’t listen to other’s judgment about us. They won’t be studying or working on our behalf, we have to live our life and follow our work ourselves. Thus, decisions should be ours. We should realise our strengths and weaknesses ourselves. We should choose a career which we love to do because that will take us to great heights professionally. Secondly, when it comes to choosing important people of our lives, we should always listen to our heart. We’ll always

be elated with our lives if we choose the path that we’d enjoy and love to follow!

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