Loving Life and Rising after the Setbacks like Jack Ma

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” – Jack Ma’s every word is so damn true and inspiring. If you are going through a phase where you are thinking this is the end and no good life ahead, you need to read the success story of the Alibaba Group’s Founder, Jack Ma. He is the second richest man in China with a Net worth of $28.2 billion. There are very fewer people in the world like Jack Ma who have faced failures one after the other but never lost hope on life and themselves.

The rags-to-rich stories are not just limited to the newspapers, magazines or TV News; they are true and give millions a reason to keep going believing their own potential. In the stories, there is a hero who fights back all odds and rescues people trusting his own power. In the real life, you are the hero of your own story and what makes you stand out is your perception towards the life and its challenges.

Jack Ma’s Fizzles

Staying unemployed for long even after having the skills and confidence is depressing and the same has been experienced by Jack Ma back in the 90’s. After his school, he tried to get into the Harvard but unfortunately, he was not able to secure a seat there. He kept on applying for the same for 10 times but his bad luck didn’t say goodbye so soon. He was rejected every single time. He later joined Hangzhou Normal University and took English as his primary subject.

He completed his graduation in 1990 and started looking for something to make a living. He was an average student in his school and college and failed many exams that shook his confidence. He was expecting some good after successfully completing his graduation.  He consecutively applied for over 30 jobs and was rejected in all of them. How can the life be so unfair? But again, it was Jack Ma, the powerhouse of inspiration. He kept going even after so many rejections. He even applied for a job in Police and then in the KFC but the big ‘NO’ never left him.

The Unsuccessful Tries

Jack MA was introduced to the Internet in 1995, which was not a quite casual thing back then. Jack was highly inspired and fascinated with that magical thing which could solve the problems and deliver the search results in moments. All this happened during his US trip while he was into a translation business. He searched ‘Chinese Beer’ and was surprised. There was nothing much about the term but there were plenty of results regarding the US beer. He got the idea for his first big venture. He started Chinapage which was all about sharing the Chinese business and their product information globally. The venture was a failure in terms of revenue due to the Government bureaucracy issues. After the departure from this online venture, Jack tried his luck in the government jobs but it was not at all his thing.

The ‘U’ Turn

He started building his dream empire with his new venture, Alibaba in 1999. It was a basic phase back then with a support of just 18 people. Jack analyzed the power of the internet, the market opportunities and the competition and gave his best shot which changed his life, not straightaway but gradually.

Jack Ma is the owner of a billion dollar e-commerce company at present and making big bucks through many subsidiaries and small ventures like Taobao.com, Tmall and AliExpress. Ma’s story motivates us in every walk of our life and teaches us to hold the string of hope till the end no matter what.

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