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Misophonia – a condition we all face, but we don’t know about it

The nullability to handle various sounds which get stuck to the mind and continuously disturb and create an irritation inside the body is called Misophonia. It happens when provoked sounds attack the brain causing an over-action which creates defect on the emotional controls mechanism. It can cause minor irritation to acute exasperation to extreme level panic. A person can be affected seriously, and they may cause harm to themselves. This negatively affected sound can cause serious harm to the person suffering from the disease named Misophonia. The environment can’t be controlled by a person suffering from this disorder. So it results in creating anxiety, intolerability, irritation and many other serious problems.

Types of sounds causing this problem

Crunching of food by people besides a person suffering from this disorder causes the production of negative emotions which results in creating irritation, anxiety and much more. Chewing of food can also cause severe trouble to the person who is experiencing in consternation and uneasiness. The heavy breathing of a co-worker or partner can cause apprehensiveness and restlessness which causes illness and irritation to the person. Clicking of nails, eating of a carrot, sucking of any liquid or air or the clicking of a pen can cause hypersensitivity and soreness.

Treatment of this disorder

Treatment of this disease includes two therapies. One is the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) which helps in growing the capability of tolerating certain noises which give anxiety to a person. It’s a safe therapy which helps in removing the disorder without any side effect and trouble. It helps in removing the production of negative emotions so that they can tolerate the activated sound. This therapy can be done through medication or exercise.

Another treatment that can positively affect is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This also helps in changing the negative emotions to positive emotions and reduces the adverse effect of sound sensitivity and initiates in adding background sounds to the environment of the sufferer so that he can tolerate the sound easily in future without any uneasiness and trouble.

Importance of Misophonia Awareness & Treatment

These therapies are much required as these keep a person fit, healthy and disorder-free. A person needs to stay away from all the sounds that create anxiety and negative excitement in his/her mind.

These types of disorder don’t have any permanent cure, but it’s the sole responsibility of the person himself and the relatives to follow all the activities and functions as per the doctor’s suggestions. Proper exercises must be followed with proper medicines and therapies. There is also need to control the negative emotions and not to get panicked during troubled times. Every problem has a solution which we need to search to get a better life. We might need to compromise on things and accept many things which are not in our control. So every situation will be balanced with its cure, and this disorder can also be solved by various methods.

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