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Positivity – The perfect solution to life’s problems

Are you facing trouble staying in a positive bend of mind when encountering difficult situations? It is a known saying that it does not matter what’s on the outside but the inside matters. You have no control over the situations in life but you can control how you react towards them. You can control how you deal with these situations. I am here to help you figure out how.

Step 1. Separate Fact from Fiction

Step 2. Identify a Positive

Get Real
Separate the imaginary from the real. Understand the real situation as most of the time our anxieties border on what could happen rather on what there is. Understanding will bring acceptance towards the challenging situation. Fighting without understanding will make it worse. The calmer you are, the more efficient you are. Any creativity arises out of a relaxed state or positive pressure. If you would notice, I repeatedly use the word ‘situation’ and not the word ‘problem’. There are no problems, there are only situations. Once you change your perspective towards the situation, you can come up with ways of modifying or getting out of the situation or seeking help for the same.

Control Your Mind

Be a distant observer of your own thoughts. This comes with practice. Stress and anxiety comes with how we react towards the situation. Reacting calmly will allow you to stay in control of the circumstance.

To practise this habit, sit with your eyes closed for 5mins a day and just observe your thoughts. Let them come and go by without any judgement. Observe and let go.

With time, your reactions will be less governed by stress and anxiety as you will be able to calm yourself down and think with clarity.

Developing A Positive Perspective
A good way of inculcating a positive attitude towards situations comes with effort of reiterating positive thoughts. This might seem silly but it works! This habit will allow you to develop a good self-esteem and not judge self. Over time this becomes a part of your personality.

Being Around Positive People
Be selective regarding people you hang out with. Avoid those with a depressed or negative outlook in life, help them when in need but staying around them will bring you down. A positive outlook comes with effort and people who continue to be upset in circumstances tend to lower others morale down as well. A persons situation does not determine their outlook but their reaction to it. Our reactions are in our control.

Develop A Celebratory Attitude
In every tough situation, developing a celebratory attitude helps you distance yourself from the situation. Focussing on the positives of your life and all that you have will allow you to develop a new perspective to any situation. As the old saying goes, ‘The grass looks greener on the other side’, which is apt to a negative attitude. In reverse, looking at your situation for the silver lining it provides will help you be grateful for all that you have.

Meditate Daily

Befriending the mind can be one of the greatest skills to possess in life. Having control over your thoughts and feelings can help you gain control of the situation and project the behaviour you wish of yourself. Positivity can change how you experience your entire life for the better.

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