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Questions to ask yourself for better introspection

Introspection is essential in understanding yourself better. Why do we need to know our self better? Well, there are several reasons for that. Let’s have a look at some of these:

  • It enables us to live happily and express our desires, which will fetch us what we want
  • When your actions are in accordance with your inner feelings, you’ll face lesser inner-conflicts.
  • When you know yourself, you can take better decision from the smallest to the most vital decision of your life.
  • When you understand yourself better, you know what motivates you and what demoralises you. You’ll have self-control knowing about yourself.
  • You can stop yourself from getting carried away by peer pressure. You can easily decline if you want to.
  • Being who you are makes you feel elated and alive. You can have a rich and larger experience of life

So, self-analysis is vital for living a worthwhile life. Now, how to introspect ourselves? To have a better introspection you need to understand your inner feelings. For that, try asking these questions to yourself:

  • When did you feel the happiest?

Walk down the memory lane, go nostalgic and contemplate about the times your were encompassed by ecstasy. Think about moments engrossed in work, relations, hobbies, accomplishments or vacations and find out when you felt the best.

  • What really matters for you?

There are so many activities going on in your life simultaneously. You need to ponder upon each and decide your preference. For some their family comes first, for other’s  their career or their passion. Think what really matters for you the most.

  • What should I do more of and what should I reduce doing?

Ponder about your accomplishments and what made you achieve them. Try to follow the same successful course of action. Also think about your failure as well as its causes and avoid doing those activities again.

  • What should I do differently?

You do plethora of things in your own way. Think of the situations or tasks that can be dealt with in a better way. Think of your mundane activities and if you can do them differently, then will it be more effective and elating for you or not.

  • When and where are you the most productive?

Some people are most productive when they are alone, some are effective in a social environment while some are effective in cafe, home or hotel. Think where you would be the most productive.

  • What would be your schedule?

Planning your schedule in advance will enable you to perform better. A tentative schedule can be planned before going to bed

  • Why do people react to you the way they do?

People around you may give different reactions towards you. Some may react warmly while some may sound rude and hostile to you. You need to think what made them react in that way. You can also ask a close friend for honest feedback.

  • What would your wiser side do in adverse situations?

Sometimes, we take our decisions instantly bereft pondering. In adverse situations it is always better to take a wise decision. So you should always think what a wiser person would do in that case. It invokes your best.

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