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Transformation of life within the last decade

Time always runs on its own orbit, but lots of changes are happening regularly with this change of time. People are getting more advanced day by day without any interception in the journey of advancement. And the other surprising matter of this advancement is that the youth is adopting this progress and they are getting more updated than the previous generations. The reason is the increasing discoveries, inventions, improved intellectuality, improved entertainment Medias and much more. Youth is acquainted with all the circumstances that come on the path to their success. They are only dependent on themselves for more knowledge and facts. There is an old saying that says either Evolve or dissolve which completely makes sense because if we don’t evolve, what is the meaning of moving further?


The changes that have been seen by the population within the last decade are:

Interaction between education and technology

Many advancements have been encouraged and seen in the education system. All the old classrooms are replaced by more advanced classrooms where the blackboards, chalks, and dusters are replaced by LED screen, laser pens, and projections. Studies are not limited to course books only. They are a lot wider with a variety of books and notes. Today’s youth doesn’t stand in a queue to collect notes and books during the commencement of new classes. Rather, they prefer surfing the internet to get the copies and upload those books in their e-book where they can keep thousands of books without spending any money.

Laptops, mobile phones, and tablets have become the craze of today’s world. Again, all these technologies are coming in pocket size without taking a lot of places and can be taken anywhere, anytime. We can use these gadgets without any interception.  Even meetings can now be done while sitting on the dining table in your home.


Role of the internet in day to day life

No need of going to markets and walking for hours to buy a dress of your own interest. Rather, move to online shopping sites and buy as per your choice and if the dress is not acceptable, then it can also be returned within no time without any loss of money. The whole globe can be seen on a single screen with comfort anytime, anywhere. No need to stand in a queue for booking of tickets for traveling. You can just book through online ticket merchants as per your choice of seats.

The social life of a person is getting much bigger with lots of social sites. A person interacts with a wide range of population throughout the world from his own house without any required effort.

Food style is getting more advanced with the running of time. People can order wonderful and delicious food from their favorite hotels and restaurants as per their choice and pay them through the online banking system. Even in shops like the grocery stores or sweet shops, people pay online through different handlers which are very helpful. It also helps people to carry less money and travel as long as they want without worrying. Countries are transforming themselves to digitalization to experience all the better technological options available in foreign countries like Wi-Fi, automatic traffic signals, etc.

All old and advanced technologies are needed to be accepted to run a comfortable life with the advancement of generation.


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