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Unveil the struggles faced by women during the different phases of their life

One has to face different situations and circumstances in the course of their life, especially females as they have to struggle more to achieve their goals. The life of a lady is an adventurous ride and a ride which is full of bumps. The journey of a woman starts with one family, and she spends all her childhood making remarkable memories with them, and in the end, she spends her life with one stranger and his family. The ladies are now doing everything, and they are shining in every field, but still, the hard work they have to put into their career is more than any ordinary person. This is why it’s said that being a lady is the toughest and hardest unpaid job in this world.

Discriminations faced by women in the corporate world

Women are actively working in corporate governance, and studies show that the academic knowledge of a female is more than that of a man. But still, women face the highest discrimination in corporate organizations. Also, the salary of females is also relatively low, and the chances of promotion are limited to them. Such discrimination against females is found in many reputed corporate organizations in the world. One such organization is Walmart, which is the biggest retail outlet in the United States. Still, this company discriminates against their female employees. Here, the female employees were given less salary than the male employees and females were only hired for low-level jobs in this company. An organization like Walmart is practicing such discriminative rules against females, which forces many to wonder what other small organizations are doing with their female employees.

Their Struggle in not limited to the outside world

The struggle of a female doesn’t end outside their house. They also have to face hardships within the four walls of their homes. After slaving all day long in their office, they have to cater to the needs of their families. A woman has to play many different roles in her life. She has to play the role of somebody’s daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandmother within her different stages of life. These are the roles a female has to play perfectly without any retake. Each of these roles come to her as a challenge. But, being a mother is something that completely transforms the life of a woman. She starts to put the needs of her children before her and the kind of pain that she suffers during birth provides her with miraculous courage and strength in her life.

Being old is already a struggle. But, for females, it’s even worse

The struggles that are faced by a person in their old age is much worse than the data above. But for females, this age is even more difficult as she has to wait for her birthday and mother’s day to expect a call from her children for whom she dedicated all her life.


It’s said that females are given more struggles in life because they have the patience and the ability to handle them, which is absolutely true. This is the reason why ladies are still rocking and smashing struggles under their heels.

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