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Why Must You Lose Hope During the Hardships?

Life is a precious gift from God. Like a coin, the life too has a dual face. One face brings loads of delights while the second one challenges you with the melancholy.

So, what should be your move when the life becomes hard and the windows of hope are broken? You need to lose hope during this hard phase of your life. Yes, you heard it right! Lose hope, but for what? You can lose hope to miss the hidden opportunities in the near future, to prove your cowardice to the world, to hide from bigger challenges, to stay unaware of your true power and to say No to a better life.

It’s very easy to give up when the big, heavy rocks try to put you down but struggling to get out of that scenario keeping hope and putting endeavors is the sign of a true warrior and he only succeeds in the tough race of life.

Our thoughts and attitude decide what we are going to get in the near future. Melancholy usually brings down one’s mental and physical health. But, it’s the pain that keeps you alive. Pain makes you take a decision and helps you discover your lost confidence. When you have no one to rely on, you got yourself and keeping hope on your inner potential can only help you rise above your problems defeating all odds. When you become an optimist, you see an ocean of opportunities in your difficulties. Life seems to be a rollercoaster ride. You may not change the end of what has already happened but you can definitely create a new ending for yourself starting a new journey.

The hard times actually test your patience, courage, and strength. You may not be aware of your true competence but your hardships do and that’s why they come again and again to make you believe of your real potential and help you stand firm and tall even in the tornado of despairs. Your life is a journey and you started with some purpose. The hope is the fuel that keeps your life’s engine running, even on the rough paths and in the bad weathers. It is better to avoid the depressing questions like How to handle such big problems? Am I capable enough to make the grade? What if I can’t do it? You can instead ask yourself – What’s Next?

It’s your perspective which makes your life good or painful for you. You can’t escape from the big problems but you can definitely change your perspective. An empowering perspective will help you stay strong and confident in any adverse circumstance and it will only help you evolve as a stronger and better person. The big challenges are the opportunities to push your limits and perform some awe-inspiring tasks that make you proud in your own eyes. Till you got the hope somewhere deep inside your heart, there is a probability that you can conquer all of your giant hurdles and shine on.

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