5 ways to de-stress

I am not going to even ask if you have ever been stressed, because if you are a human being over 15 years of age, I am pretty sure that at some point stress has wielded its ugly face in your otherwise beautiful life. It started with studies and exams, moved on to finding and performing at the workplace, then came with health and monetary issues. At some point you’re going to say enough! It’s time to take control of my life and de-stress.

When you do reach that stage, you may want to start with these subtle yet powerful tips we have for you:

Go Off the Grid, Take a Break

The first thing you want to do is shut out everything, and take a break. This seems like a bad idea, getting away from technology and people for a while but trust me, it is one of the best de-stressors.

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I don’t mean seclude yourself from civilization and live in the woods, no sir. If you have a wife and kids, or parents at home, you cannot abandon them and disappear of course, that is not what I am saying. What I’m saying is, take a week’s break from your regular work and cut off from everything that is not absolutely essential. Switch off anything that reminds you of your stress factor. Wake up at your convenience, do what makes you happy, meet only the people you want to meet and begin offloading your stress.

Identify, Reduce, Eliminate

Now that you are a bit relaxed and still on your break, it is time to identify your stress factors and work on them. Taking trips and reading books will help reduce stress, I’m sure of it, but as long as the stress factor is still in your life you can be sure to be burdened by stress over and over again. So the first step is to identify what is causing you to be stressful.

Sit down with a notebook and a pencil, and relax. Jot down what it is that is adding to your worries. You can start with answers that are vague, like my job or my marriage or my bank account. This is where most of us fail, we look at the over view and try to fix it, but there’s no way you can simply quit your job, get a divorce or steal a million dollars, right? You need to drill down on the vague answer to get more insight on what exactly at your job, or whatever your reason is, is causing you stress. Maybe it’s the work hours, or shift timings or maybe your rude boss. Now that you have a more on point reason, write down what sort of job environment would actually make you enjoy going to work. Now you have your answer.

Either reduce the stress causing factor, or eliminate it all together.

Allow for leeway in every task

Now that you have taken a break and reduced/eliminated your stress factor, it is time to make subtle changes in your life to ensure stress does not creep back.

In today’s competitive world, for every expert, there is another who claims they can do it better and faster. In order to out race that fellow, we end up making promises we absolutely cannot comply with and then poof, there is your friend stress again. Remember, if you have all the money in the world but no time and people to spend it with, it turns out to be just pieces of paper.

Of course, you may need to make commitments to challenge yourself and improve but always, always remember to allow some leeway for every task that you decide to take up.

As I am working on this article, I am also worried about the last article I submitted, whether it was up to the mark and simultaneously thinking about the structure of the next article. By not allowing leeway for every article, I have taken in more than I can handle and can you guess what I am feeling right now? That’s right, STRESSED!!

Walk, Jog Run!!

A hundred people have told you this, why am I mentioning it again? Simply because clichés are clichés for a reason. A twenty minute walk, jog or run in a shaded green park can do wonders to calm the mind.

Exercising releases endorphins that are pain killers for your brain. I say Jog but you can pick any form of exercise, yoga, aerobics, weight lifting, whatever it may be, is a great de-stressor. As a side effect, you will get healthier, your body will be fitter and look better, and your standard of living will improve. So read this article, share it, then shut down your device and go out for a run!

Pick a Hobby

It’s very relieving to do something in life without an end game, without any expectation or measurement. If you play the guitar for fun, it is a hobby but if you’re playing the guitar in order to play better than your neighbor, it becomes stressful. You see the difference? The former had no ulterior motive, you were playing just because you love making music, but in the latter there was an expectation.

Pick a hobby that you know you will like, and do it just for fun. Don’t bother about getting better or beating someone else. Do it just because you want to do it, and it will become a stress buster.

Learn an instrument, read novels, blog, run marathons, become a collector, ride, explore but always, always remember, you’re not doing it to add another feather in your cap or point on your resume. You’re not bothered about becoming a pro or beating someone else at it. You’re doing it just for fun.

Smile, and take a breather. Life is meant to be easy.

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