The 5 Best Tapas and Wine Tasting Tours in Seville, Spain

Planning a trip to Seville? Your trip will be incomplete without a tapas and wine tasting tour. Today we have created a list for you of the 5 Best Tapas and Wine Tasting Tours in Seville. Seville is a beautiful place in Spain. It is known for flamenco dancing and wine tasting tours. The south of Spain is known for some lovely tasting vino and yummy tapas snacks. If you want to go for a wonderful tapas and wine tasting tour in Seville, you should read on to find out more.

Here is the list of 5 Best Tapas and Wine Tasting Tours in Seville

Azahar Sevilla Tapas Tour

The Azahar Sevilla Tapas Tour does not feel like a tour. It feels like you are meeting an old friend over some drinks and tapas. You will get to visit traditional as well as modern tapas bars. Your host will make you feel warm with their charm. You will get to taste the famous tapas like chorizo, fried eggplant, pate, tortilla, stuffed mushrooms and much more on your tapas tour. It is a great experience for families.

Jerez and Cadiz Day Trip from Seville

This is the most famous tour in Seville. You will meet your guide at the hotel and get to sit in your air conditioned coach. You will get to see the Spanish countryside which is absolutely gorgeous. The guide shall take you to Jerez de la Frontera for sherry and watching horses. You will get to meet a winemaker and see how local sherry is made. This will be a great wine tasting experience for you.

Devour Seville Food Tours

The Devour Sevilla Food tour is a very private and fun experience. You will get to visit family run food places to eat and drink. You will get to taste the finest sherry and cheese. You will also enjoy the yummy tapas. The best part is that you will get to watch the famous Flamenco dancing. It is truly a phenomenal experience!


Sevilla4Real gives you a chance to experience Seville in its true form. The warm hosts make you feel like you are an old friend. You will get to taste some lovely white wine during the tour. It will include sightseeing as well. You will get to watch the famous flamenco dancing show on this tour.

Taller Andaluz de Cocina

This is a great activity for those who want to experience the true spirit of Seville. You will be taken out for a market tour and then a cooking class. You will get to taste the most delicious paella in the class. The market trip is very informative and fun. The chef demonstrates his art of cooking paella and many more dishes.

These were the best tapas and wine tasting tours. You will really enjoy these tours! It is important for you to do prior bookings because these tours are usually in groups. If you want to experience the spirit of Seville and enjoy the food and wine, take a tour from one of the best tapas and wine tasting tours. Have fun!

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