The super weird aspects of Japanese culture

Japan can be a very odd place for tourists. It is a weird mix of tradition, technology, and circumstance. Japanese culture is a combination of feudal samurai ideas, cutting-edge technology, old people who experienced the tragedy of the atomic bomb and alternative youth culture obsessed with anime and Pokémon. With all its diversity Japan is one of the most massive economies on this planet. Its insular society and introverted culture are misunderstood by many.

We have listed below some of the weirdest things about Japanese culture:


It is a tragic thing for people to die alone but it is very common in Japan. The country has an elderly population that is over the age of sixty. Many people die at their home and remain undiscovered for weeks and sometimes even years. The phenomenon is called as “kodokushi”, by the Japanese that means lonely death. Most cases of kodokushi occur with old men as they have few social ties.Their bodies are left so long that they self-mummify. There are even companies which specialize in cleaning out apartments of people who have died alone.


Everywhere around the world, the population is on the rise, but in Japan, the population is falling drastically. Japanese are slowly dying off with an old population who suffer from mental illnesses like agoraphobia and depression. Their hikikomore hermits are young and twenty-something disaffected teenagers who are completely withdrawn from society. The rise of hikikomori can be blamed on intense academic pressures, the internet, and extremely demanding parents. Psychiatrist in Japan even has to visit home to help such troubled teens.


Crime rates are extremely low in Japan. It is illegal in Japan to hold a handgun or a ceremonial sword. In case you own a ceremonial sword you are expected to register it with the police. The country has the second lowest homicide rate in the world. If you have committed a crime in Japan be sure to go to jail. The conviction rate in Japan exceeds ninety-nine percent. The country proudly executes capital punishment. Incarceration rates are high in Japan. The highest number of execution is carried out in Japan. The family members are informed of the death of the criminal. The criminal itself is told about their fate days before the execution.


The Japanese have a predilection for eccentric food and beverages. The country is known for their out of the world bizarre food products and restaurants. They use a wide variety of flavors in their food products that are completely repellent to the rest of the world. Flavors like corn, miso, camembert cheese, and soy sauce are used in candies.


Japan has some of the hardest working people on earth. They are well known for their industrious work ethic and marathon drinking later in the night. But, one of the weirdest things about Japanese corporate culture is the practice to take quick cat-naps to recharge batteries. Sleeping at work is seen as a sign of hard work and commitment in the Japanese society. If you work in Japan feel free to take a nap whenever you can.

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