The truth you haven’t been told about steroids abuse

All of us want to take the easy way out and we all love taking short-cuts to achieve our goal. If the path looks too easy to be true, probably it is the case. In the past decade, people have gained an unusual liking to the steroids. These not only gets rid you of your fatigue but helps you to adopt a more intensive training schedule. Many reports suggest that with their continuous consumption you might achieve ground-breaking results with and enhanced capabilities like strength, agility, and endurance. There are multiple ways to take these steroids ranging from oral administration to injection. But all of this comes at a toll!

There has been a constant war over this topic by the proponents, who seem to believe that the use of steroids don’t cause much harm and even if they do, it is worth it. Today, we shall explore that what are the lies you might have been told about steroids by your coach or your trainer.

Just Multi-Vitamins

An elaborate study performed on professional athletes and body-builders gave revealed an interesting fact. Most of these people didn’t even know that they were been administered steroids. Their coaches and trainers fooled them by saying that these were just multi-vitamins. Isn’t it a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

The solution to saturation

We might have heard it many times, especially in our gyms, after a particular level is achieved with training, saturation is bound to come. If external help (steroids) aren’t taken you would not be able to surpass this stage. While the truth is, steroids directly affect your hormone levels in the body. Different steroids might affect different aspects, from your growth to your sexual health. It should be understood that any hormone which is artificially injected would obviously come with some major side-effects.

The only way saturation can be overcome is through more training and natural dieting. Adopting short-cuts might just cut your life short !!

Small doses

Aw, come-on, little and small doses of these steroids wouldn’t affect you at all!! These are the starting lines each and every trainer will say to you. But do you know what a small dose is? It is important to know that a small quantity of one steroid might have much more effect than a large and continuous dosage of another steroid.

Many of the anabolic steroids might result in formation of breasts in men! Yeah, you heard it right. Or if you are keen to lose your hair, just try these steroids and it might come true.

It is natural for the body mate!!

These enzymes and hormones are naturally produced in the body, adding them externally is not unnatural. Well, even I have heard this a lot. This is generally said for steroids relating to hormones like testosterone. Leave scientific, this argument is not even logical.

An external input of these hormones might affect the natural production capacity of the body itself.

All these points boil down at one single conclusion. Don’t let ignorance be the cause of harm to your body. If anyone tells you to take a steroid, research about it, and know what you are going to lose for a momentary gain.

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