Work And Balancing Life

I have met many successful people and over the years have asked them all the same questions that how they balance their life and work. The answers that I received were a little complicated. I find the mere concept of work and life balance a little absurd. The solutions that we have discovered for the problem of work and life balance are quite misleading. We figure out the problems by taking out solutions like following schedule, setting boundaries and etc, which are fundamentally wrong. For most of the ambitious person’s success is related to the failure in the personal aspects of life. But this is not the case every time. The founder of a financial planning firm known as the Financially Wise Women was founded by Britney Castro. She believes that the more successful she is, the more time she takes out to do the things that she loves doing. Her goal is to take month long sabbaticals every year so that she can have the liberty to travel around the world.

I find that balance is a weird concept. Sometimes balance is between one area and the other area of life. Sometimes it is between some other areas. If you stop thinking about how to balance stuff in your life, it will just happen. If a person wants to keep a balance in his personal and professional life, balance is much more sustainable and palatable in this case. We work hard to achieve the things that we want to have and that we deserve, but how tragic is that we work so hard at the expense of the things worth having.

In today’s world of competition, work requires most of our time. In this digitally driven world, it is very important to maintain a balance between work and personal life. We need to think, relax and give ourselves a break, or the productivity and creativity of our work will decrease. We can maintain a balance between our work and life by following some easy steps. It is very important to recognize the role of work in our lives. If we adopt the right mindset, it will allow us to appreciate our hard work, rather than making it look like an endless slavery. We are a prolific generation and we should not be afraid to unplug from the outside world. Turning off from the outside world gives a space for new ideas and innovations. Many people meditate to get space and feel relaxed. To be content with what you are doing it is very important to create a daily routine. Maintaining a calendar and sticking to that will help you to achieve the balance you want in your life. It is very important to make time for ourselves. It is important to be good at what we do, but it is not our entire life. As an individual we should give priorities to the activities that make us alive. It is very important to make time for ourselves. We need to be present, consistent and accountable in our job.

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