Learn to show off wealth from these people

How do you flaunt that you are rich? Buy a billion dollar villa or the latest Lamborghini? Well, the people back then had their own style to show off wealth. These filthily rich people of the past had some extremely peculiar ways of spending their riches. What is much weirder is that in that time period that people, on one hand, died of starvation and poverty and on the other, the lucky few had a lavish and an affluent lifestyle.

Much of these stories might seem to you as a waste of precious money, but that is how people defined luxury in that time. Here are some super rich people, who had one of the most affluent lifestyles in history.

  • Fan of Narcos: If you are a fan of the famous television series, Narcos you might remember Pablo Escobar. His lavish and luxurious lifestyle had no bounds. Pablo once had even offered to pay off Columbia’s national debt (worth $10 billion) in exchange for his freedom. If you feel cold, you might turn off heater or burn some wood, but the drug lord had burned Millions of dollars just to stay warm while he was escaping. The cocaine empire had got him so much money, that he had no more space to store money. He paid people to store cash for him, and spent nearly $2000 dollars just to buy rubber bands to store bundles of cash.
  • How much could you spend on a meal? Our next story takes us towards Kim Jong II the supreme Leader of DPRK. Being the leader, although the population of the nation starved, he and his dogs had lavish meals. On his train journeys, he ate live lobsters which were ‘airlifted’ to the train.

Another story which was considered a myth told how Cleopatra ‘drank’ the world’s largest pearl to win a bet. On being asked by her lover, she took out her airings which were made of the largest pearls of the world, dissolved it in vinegar and drank the pearl which was worth more than 1500 pounds of gold.

So whenever you think of a luxurious meal, think of Kim Jong and a good drink might remind you of the last Pharaoh of Egypt.

  • When you love cows: Gordon Bennett has bought his yacht which could be one of the most luxurious he owned. He had a separate room for his cow, so he could get fresh butter and cream every day. He made sure that the cow had all the comforts and facilities in the yacht from fans to luxurious wool. Bennett had such disregard for his wealth that he once threw a bundle of money in the fire because it wouldn’t fit in his pocket.
  • Sparkling Gold: Emperor Caligula might be known to you because of his famous sex parties. But more than those parties, he loved his gold. He would bring all his gold reserves and would lay in the pool of gold coins. He liked to serve his guests bread, made with gold and also fed the precious metal to his favourite horse.

Yes, the bar of the show of wealth has been raised really high and if you want to break it, you really need to have a big pocket and be ready to do something much bizarre.


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