Money to be ashamed of: Companies which earned profits because of Nazi regime

World War II had crippled the economies of the whole world, but many companies were able to point out the opportunities in disaster. Working for the Nazi Germany many of them were able to earn fortunes. Bad publicity didn’t deter them and still these ruthless businesses carried on making huge profits over the murders of Jews. These actions have resulted in a long-lasting stain on the morality of these businesses. So let’s meet the devils of the 19th century.

  • Rise of the machines: In any war, let it be the Cold War or World War II, computers held very important functions. The Nazis needed a specialised programme which could make an account of number of Jews being transported to the Death camps. Gassing the Jews was a big and complicated tasks and the shipping details and timetables had to be maintained. IBM provided the Punch card machines which were specialised for the job. They controlled their production according to the number of Jews which were being captured.

The present day IBM has donated a lot in Holocaust Funds, and claim that the German headquarters wasn’t in their control. However, these claims are highly doubted as the background support was still being provided by the parent branches.

  • The Nazi Fanta: Yes! It is true, Fanta was made by Coca-Cola especially for the Nazis. All this happened when the Coca-Cola’s head office felt ashamed and stopped sending the syrup of making the popular drink to the German branch. The German branch also known as Coca-Cola GmbH developed an entirely new syrup with the existing ingredients to serve the Nazi Germany as they didn’t know the original recipe. That is how Fanta was born. A recent ad campaign of Coca-Cola went flop when they tried to show the roots of Fanta in the Nazi time period.
  • The Insurance which never pays: Allianz was a big German Insurance company and stays one of the top even today. Allianz had been in bed with the Nazis as the CEO of the company was also German’s Economic minister. By helping and providing guidance to Nazis on financial matters he made sure that the insurance deals ranging from property to life all went to Allianz. Being one of the major insurance provider to the country, the company was able to retain the money paid by the Jews as there was no official certificate of deaths of the Jews in Death camps.
  • Your favourite cars: Ford and BMW are some of the automobile brands everyone has heard of. You might be surprised to know that Hitler was a fan of Henry Ford and also had awarded him The Grand Cross. Both BMW and Ford got cosy with the Nazis. They not only got slave workers from the Nazis but also helped in producing automobile parts to help the Nazi war efforts.

Disgusted aren’t you? Some of the world’s most renowned names were cruel enough to support the wrong cause just to earn more money. That is why in modern days the moral aspect of business and welfare of society has become imperative.

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