9 Extravagant Movies Made In India

These days a great amount of money is spent over making movies. Every once in a while, a movie is released that is claimed to be the most expensive movie made in India. Film makers, these days are spending a huge amount on making movies to sustain the trend to be a part of 100 crore club. With so many production houses coming into the picture, the budget of the movies is sky rocketing these days. Here is a list about the high budget Bollywood movies.


The sequel of Robot is yet to hit the theaters, but with two legendary actors; Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth the audiences are waiting eagerly for the movie. With the budget of 350 crores, the sequel of Robot will be the most expensive movie made in India till date.


Baahubali received great appretiation from the viewers. Baahubali is a bi-lingual epic and the sequel will hit the theatres this month. With a suspense filled ending, Baahubali left the viewers lingering for the next part. The net worth of both the parts is estimated to be 320 crores.


This movie was directed by Shankar. Being known for increasing the stocks for his movies, the latest movie made by the director had a budget of 180 crore. The movie did very well at the box office and was able to get into the 100 crore club.


PremRatanDhanPayo was directed by SurajBarjatiya. The Salman Khan Starrer movie had a budget of 180 crores. However, the movie received good results at the box office.


The third part of Dhoom, portrayed Aamir Khan as the villain, Katrina Kaif as the lead actress. AbhishekhBachan and Udit Chopra were also part of the movie. With so many leading actors and the tremendous stunt scenes involved in the movie, it is no wonder that the budget of the movie went uoti 175 crores.


Bang-Bang is the Indian version of the Hollywood movie “Knight and Day”. With HrithikRoshan and Katrina Kaif in the main lead, and so many stunts and dance numbers involved, the budget of the movie was 160 crores.


Shahrukh Khan Starrer movies are known as the 100 crore club movies. Although Happy New Year received mixed response from the audience, the movie was really grand. Shot in Dubai and being a multi-starrer movie, it was made at the budget of 150 crores.


The movie depicts the tale of a devil and his love story. This movie featured Salman Khan and the Jacqueline Fernandez as the lead actors. The movie was made at the cost of 120 crores.


Ethiran the prequel of Robot 2 was directed by Shankar and he is known for making movies that no one else can even think of making. Ethiran is also counted among the most expensive movies. The stunt scenes and the greater than life surroundings came at the cost of 132 crores.

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