Banned Movies around the world, you need to know about

We all know how the Indian censorship board works, censoring anything which is close to intimacy so that the ‘Indian Values’ are preserved. Today we will be discussing about some of the international movies which were banned because of some weird reasons. From creating a political storm to hurting the religious sentiments of the people. Although some of these movies were correctly kept away from the audience’s eyes, the other could have been spared.

Obviously, as humans, we like to do what we are especially restricted and advised against. If you cannot stop yourself from taking a quick look at some of these movies, you would surely be able to find them on the internet.

  • The Texas chainsaw massacre: The original gruesome movie was banned in some countries because of the violent nature of the film. The killing scenes were pretty intense which made the movie disturbing for the audience. Some of the countries even didn’t agree to host the movie even after editing and omitting the gruesome scenes of the movie. Still, the 1975s movie was loved overall by the critic community for the movie’s originality and as it was successfully able to give anyone goosebumps.

So if you really intend to watch the original uncut version of this movie and are sure you can really handle some gross scenes, you should go for it.

  • The interview: It is a movie with great comic timing which will surely make your stomach tickle. Why was this movie banned? It showed two people who were supposed to kill Kim Jong Un, the Supreme leader of North Korea. North Korea found the movie to be really disrespectful towards the country and their leader. The public and the North Korean government spoke clearly against the movie and many of their leaders demanded it to be banned all over the world. The movie got restricted to the internet and many of the scenes were censored as they were termed to be politically insulting.
  • Monty Python’s Life of Brian: Have you ever felt that a movie has taken its jokes too far which might hurt people’s sentiment? Well, that’s pretty much what happened with this movie. The movie was full of satires on Christianity. The film depicts how Romans find a God in a Jew. Although the film was appreciated and was a box office hit, but many believed that it disrespected the religious population which was the basic reason that the movie got banned only after a week of its release in parts of UK.
  • The Exorcist: This horror movie is considered to be one of the most revered in the film industry. It was banned for more than 10 years in the United Kingdom due to the horrific content in the movie which surely gave many people chills down the spine. The sole fact that a 12-year girl had been shown being possessed by a ghost made it quite disturbing for the younger audience. Although the censorship board rated it X hence controlling the audience of the movie in theatres, they realized home viewership couldn’t be controlled hence decided to ban it.

So which one of these movies have you seen? Do you think it was fair to ban these movies? How have the censorship boards evolved from the time back then?  We would love to hear your views.


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