Bollywood Lovers Now Get Ready for the following clashes of these big Movies

We all love Bollywood and when it is a big release then you can feel the real festive celebrations. Bollywood fans love to support their favorites with House full bookings and a huge crowd but what if major the release of major films clashes.  We have seen this type of clashes in previous years where two or more films are available to entertain us and we choose which one to watch first.  Whether it was Raees VS Kaabil or it was Dilwale vs Bajirao Mastani, this year the confusions are getting bigger.  You will definitely support your Bollywood superstar but before that, we should take a look which movies have confirmed their release.

July the 14th

Four major films and with major star cast have reserved this 14th July as their release date. Here Jagga Jassoos starring Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor will face 3 more movies Chef, Mom, and Haseena. Where Chef is a comedy movie starring Saif Ali Khan, Mom and Hasina are different thrillers starring Sridevi and Shraddha Kapoor.  Where the trailers and posters of these movies have already been released on the internet, these movies are creating a huge buzz. Yes, these are not the biggest players of the Bollywood but the huge fan following of these stars are eagerly waiting for the release. It will be very exciting to watch that which movie will rule the box office collections.

August 11th

This Independence Day weekend we will be a part of one of the major clash of Bollywood. The date is officially confirmed by the producers of “Rehnuma”  and the movie “ Toilet-Ek Prem Katha”. Still thinking why we are excited about it then you probably not aware with the star cast of these movies. King Khan is coming to rule the box office with Anushka Sharma. On the other side, Akshay Kumar is ready to face it with a movie of its own kind “Toilet- Ek Prem Katha”. This is not the first time it is happening with SRK and AKKI as they had a previously clashed and SRK ruled it. But now conditions are different a lot of controversies have happened and twitter followers have a new topic to tweet. Let see what will be the result of this clash and we are damn sure that the overall business of both the movies will be affected on this Independence Day.

18th October

Save the date of 18th October for the clash of two movies from the very strong background i.e. Aamir’s “Secret Superstar” vs Superstar Rajni’s “2.0”.  This Diwali the fireworks will be strong enough at the Bollywood box office as we can’t predict what will be the result. Here on the once side, the perfectionist is ready with a totally different movie on the other side there is a huge budget, multi starrer and a sequel of successful franchise ROBOT. These movies will definitely a huge package of surprises for the movie audiences and will be the test for real fans to support their stars.

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