The Fast & Furious 8 breaks global record

The movie has received huge opening worldwide breaking all the international records till now. The action film of its eighth franchise took almost $532.5 m globally. The figure makes it the strongest opening worldwide ever, overtaking the Star Wars: The Force Awakens which had the opening of $529 m.

But, the film’s takings were down from its previous series as the Furious 7 opened with $147.2 m when it got released in the year 2015, and the latest one only debuted with $100.2 m.

The Fast & Furious 8 stars actors like Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris, Tyrese Gybson, Michelle Rodriquez among others, who also said that they feel humbled and blessed after the massive success of the movie.

The film critic and the host of BBC Radio, Rhianna Dhillon said that the success of the movie is because of its Universal tag. All the series of the film is like all the ages of people can enjoy because they have pure, unadulterated about them. Moreover, children’s and adults like the movies that consist of the cars or something like blown up and smashed up.

A lot of things that drags the movies like ‘The Avengers’ is the plot of the film, and Fast & Furious is not all trying to compete with those big storylines. The movie only has the cars that just smash into each other, and it is okay for the audience to enjoy that. The franchise Fast & Furious eight is not trying to be something that it’s not and also doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Dhillon also added the main reason of the continuous box office success is the cast of the film series. It can be said that Hollywood underestimates the minority audience. For example, if you low down the figures, the audience of Latino is very huge with almost all of them having the fan following of Vin Diesel. This has so much to do with it because not many of the movies offer that.

In all the franchise, the audience get to see the new star each time like this year we have Charlize Theron as the villain and also the appearance from Helen Mirren. These are not the people that you haven’t heard of before, but they are the bankable stars in the world.

Dwayne Johnson has given the series a new meaning to life. When you are buying a star like him, you are buying the fans as well. The film’s performance worldwide was boosted because of its opening in China, unlike the Force Awakens which didn’t start the screening until several weeks later. More series of the Furious franchise which began in the year 2001 are planned for the release in 2019 and 2021.

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