Why You Should Be Watching The 8th Edition Of The Fast And The Furious Now!

Storyline:  This is the most recent and 8th edition that was released in April of 2017. This movie features the evergreen Charlize Theron playing the role of Cipher, a hacker. In the movie, the origins of the hacker remain unknown and there is a mysterious element to the character. Cipher tries to seduce the main character Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel into a world of terrorism. How she manages to seduce Dom and whether she is successful or not forms the plot of the movie. As always, the movie has everything ranging from action to romance and the good old family sentiment that the audience loves. The movie manages to balance all the actors in a proper way to produce an amazing experience

REVIEW OF THE MOVIE: One would feel that after eight movies, the ‘Fast and the Furious’ franchise may be losing its old charm and action packed experience but the directors never fail to amaze us as this movie proves to be a superb movie with all the necessary elements in it to make a sold out movie. This movie, like the others, follows the same concept of speeding cars and family sentiment with a bit of romance as well but it still manages to leave the audience in splits during comic takes between Roman pierce and Tej. The family sentiment may be looked at as overplayed but it ties in beautifully with the film. With superstars like Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and the ever popular Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the movie leaves the audience wanting more with every scene. Apart from huge stars, the movie also manages to show us huge spectacles with awesome car chases and gravity defying stunts
This time around, the movie franchise tries out a new storyline with the main man, Dominic himself turning against his own ‘family’ and letting them fend for themselves. This means that apart from defeating whatever plans the villain has for the world, the crew has to work hard to save Dom from the clutches of the hacker, Cipher. What audiences and fans will miss, however, is the obvious disappearance of Paul Walker.  After meeting with a fatal accident, Paul passed away on 30th November, 2013. When it comes to the movie itself there is much to enjoy with both humorous elements and family sentiment. The movie basically ropes you in and doesn’t let go till the end leaving you wanting for more. There is also a cameo role by a very popular and respected British actress in the movie but her name will not be revealed here. Guess you have to watch the movie to find out which actress we are talking about!

Even though logic takes a backseat when it comes to some of the car stunts in the movie, that is the trademark of the whole franchise as audiences still love it in spite of the unbelievable stunts. This is mainly because of a star cast and how the audience relates to the characters on screen. In all, this is a must watch and a movie to be cheered for!

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