With These Awesome Shows Balaji is all set to Hit the Internet

We know Indian television shows are a bit overrated with Sas-Bahu’s serials where you can find the same plot in every story. Ekta Kapoor is and her production house “BALAJI Telefilms” are often blamed for such over the top drama serials which is not attracting the Internet generation.  Now with her New venture “ALT-Balaji”, she has now entered the world of internet. Here you will experience something which is not possible on TV screens.   We are mentioning some shows which have already created a huge hype with their trailers and you can’t afford to miss the real entertainment by not watching them.

BOYGIRI– Men Never Grow Up: Six amazing boys who are friends and not ready to be grown up. The concept is clean and simple but their journey is hilarious.  They will make you laugh with their unpredictable reactions on different situations. If you are missing something known as “FUN” then this show is must watch for you.

DEV DD: You can’t expect a girl creating a real mess after drinking hence you need to meet the female Devdas of the internet. Devika Dharam Dwivedi welcomes you to know how she is dealing this life where she has so many troubles to make. She is not typical sanskaari girl at all which makes this show a different one from others. You will definitely enjoy her journey and crazy incidents she goes through due to her own actions.

Bewafaa  Sii Wafaa:  If you are a romantic guy or girl and  want to be a part of differ love story then this show is for you.  A married man with a beautiful wife and a cute little child is living his life but he found someone else to love. The main lead goes through many ups and down as they want to be together. With so many twists and turns will they meet in the end?

Romil & Jugal: This is type a show which you can’t imagine on screens as it is the subject which nobody wants to talk about. Homosexuality is not a crime and this show will make you fall in love with its amazing cast.  The modern day Romeo and Juliet but their only fault is that they are of same sex. It will be interesting to watch that how the audience reacts to this show in a country like India where Section 377 is sill legal.

Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat:  Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor, the favorite duo of small screen are back together with this show. It is a Rom-Com and a new story between two different people of two different types which finally falls in love. We would love to see both of them and their chemistry as a couple again.


The Test Case:  A story for real fighters, the commando of Indian Military and her journey to prove everybody wrong. Nimrit Kaur will make you stunned with her breathtaking performance. This Test Case has many known faces which makes this a must watch.

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