Wittiest Statements Made By The King Of Bollywood

Don’t we all know that apart from being the reason for inspiration for so many, how witty Shahrukh Khan is?  Almost every girl of the country is heads over the heels in love with him. Known as the King of Bollywood, ShahRukh Khan has the capability to nail the interviews. His responses are considered wittiest even to the grilling questions. His persona is different and he uses it judiciously.  His fans have rightly given him the name of The King of best come-backs. Here are some of the wittiest retorts by ShahRukh Khan.

When SRK was asked by a reporter that were his acting skills affected by fatherhood, the King replied, “Yeah, I treat all my heroines like children now. I pick them up, I cuddle them and I call them baby.”

When SRK’s really good friend, Karan Johar asked him that would he pose naked if given a billion dollars, he replied, “For much less.”

When the actor was asked by a reporter who tried to insult the superstar by asking that when will ShahRukh Khan start making different movies, better movies. The actor retorted by saying, “When will you start asking me better questions? Different questions?

When a reporter asked the actor that does he wake looking this good every morning? ShahRukh Khan smartly replied, “No, I have to go through a plastic surgery every morning.”

There was this incidence when a fan burst into tears after seeing Shahrukh Khan, he made a witty remark that, “Girls don’t smile or laugh on seeing me, they cry.”

A reporter once asked the star that was he Bisexual, to which Shahrukh Khan replied, “I am not bisexual, I am tri-sexual. I try everything.”

In an interview Shahrukh Khan said, “Whenever I start feeling too arrogant about myself, I always take a trip to the U.S.A. The immigration guys kick the star out of my stardom.”

When asked by a reporter that why Shahrukh Khan always claims that he is the best. King Khan gave an intellectual reply, “Because if I doubt this fact then no one else is going to believe it ever.”

A female reporter once asked Shahrukh Khan that how much was he getting paid.  Shahrukh Khan replied making his way out, “If you ask that question again ma’am, I will have to ask your age.”

When a reporter asked the star that what was it like to host KBC which is considered as the turning point of Amitabh Banchan’s career. The star replied, “It is a learning point in my career.”

Shahrukh made a comment showcasing the actor in him, “The only time that I don’t act is when I am sleeping. When I am asleep at night for four hours, I miss the actor in me. When I am taking a bath, you won’t believe the acting I do.”

Shahrukh Khan is a charmer who knows how to sweep you off your feet.

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