You can’t miss these flicks if you are a true Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Fan

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is now a well-established name in the Bollywood industry. The actor is known for its versatile acting and his story of struggle is also known to his fans. We are not talking about the big budget movies where he just played a supporting actor. This man is now getting lead roles for his successful career and his presence makes many movies a superhit movie. This post is dedicated to all those Nawaz’s admirers who love him and enjoy watching him on the big screen.

Raman Raghav 2.0:

The scariest Psycho thriller movie and the main lead of Nawaz’s  was a cherry on the cake. Based on true story, this movie is enough to know how Nawaz deals with his roles.  The superb acting and great direction have made this movie popular among both the critics and the Indian audience. His depiction of Ramana is great and if love thrillers then this movie is a must watch.

Manjhi: The Mountain Man

Based on a real story, the movie is a biography of the real mountain man of India. The lead role of Manjhi is played by none other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The deadly combination with great actress Radhika Apte, this movie has won the heart of every Indian. Although it was leaked online but it was Nawaz’s performance which made this movie commercially successful.  The story and Nawaz’s role will inspire you to achieve your goals.


It is a totally different kind of movie and maybe you will not experience it on Indian TV.  It’s a story about a girl student and how she was used by his Math’s teacher. Nawaz has played the role of that teacher and his performance will give you an experience which you never want to feel. The film has a story which is very common in rural areas and it questions what these types of teachers doing with students.


Nawaz is known for doing different roles every time he is in action.  This horror flick has many big names of Bollywood industry but we as a fan of Nawaz loved his role. This time he was playing as Tehmur but he is always an important part of the movie. You will definitely enjoy him in the movie.


The Lunchbox:

The movie was literally a Super Hit on the Indian Boxoffice and also loved by critics worldwide. People love the lead roles but we enjoyed the performance of our hero Nawaz. He is the funniest and the craziest character of this movie and you will see how the movie reaches to an end with his story.


Gangs of Wasseypur:

This movie is the first love of a true Nawaz Fan. The role of Faizal is completed by this actor. His deadly dialogue delivery and flawless performance will amaze you. “Baap ka, Bhai ka, Dada ka- sabka badla legs Faizal” and he finally ends the story of this franchise in Gangs of Wasseypur 2.


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