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Congress talks about the Modi Government’s creation of intolerance

On Tuesday, the Indian National Congress announced that the party is going to launch a nationwide public campaign, just like the other opposition parties in the coming twenty-four months. The campaign is supposed to expose the failures of the Modi Government. They also accused the Prime Minister and the functionaries all over the nation for spreading the heat of intolerance in the country’s environment. The Modi Government is yet to complete the three years of its existence on the land if India and at this juncture, the National Democratic Alliance or the NDA alleged that the Central Government of India has miserably failed in several aspects. One such aspect has been to solve the issues of Kashmir and the collateral issues on dealing with Pakistan on the matters of internal security, the safety of women, rising instances of rape, torture on Dalits, hiking diesel prices, hikes in petrol prices and also the low generation of the job.

At a press conference, the in-charge of the communications of AICC, Mr. Randeep Surrjewala remarked that Congress is soon to launch an extensive public campaign where they will bring all the political parties with a mutual point of view on the failure of Modi Government. They all will protest in the chorus. At the conference, there was even a power point presentation which carried detailed agendas of how the Modi Government failed to bring the black money back in India. The presentation also covered the issues of the public resentment when Modi made some changes in the regulations of Aadhar, GST, rechristening of the United Progressive Alliance schemes, Skill India, Digital India and also Modi’s ignorance in addressing the debt problems of the farmers of India.

The Congress leaders like Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia, RPN Singh, Divya Spandana and Sushmita Dev, all have alleged the case of the rising intolerance in India. They said that Modi is trying to change the entire narrative of the country rather than solving the immediate issues of the commoners of the country. Jyotiraditya Scindia told the media that the current Central Government came to power by selling the dream of ‘ache din,’ but since the last three years, no sign of the fulfillment of the dreams was experienced. The slogan rather shattered people’s expectations into a million pieces. He also remarked that the prevailing environment of intolerance in the country when discussed by any individual, he or she is tagged as an anti-national being. The government is the sole decision maker of the people’s basic needs like what to eat, what to wear, what to watch and even, what to follow regarding religion. Modi puts his policies behind the illusionary curtain of ‘soch vichaar’ or ideological approach.

Sachin Pilot, on the other hand, commented that Congress is the best alternative model of central Government right now which is solely based on addressing the issues of the commoners first. He also said that Congress would definitely expose the failure of fulfilling the lofty promises of the BJP which it made before coming into power.

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