Cow vigilantism: How Fake Gau Rakshaks are making the situation worst.

We love the cow and being born and brought up in a Hindu Family I am aware of all the things which are related to this holy creature in holy books. We read and learned essays in the primary school where it was taught “How Cows are beneficial to Mankind.”  I agree with the Use of its milk and waste to make ayurvedic medicine, but I am not supporting anyone who is not giving value to a human life. Whether they are Muslim or Dalit, you can’t be a judge to decide what to do with his or her life.

The Una incident was not enough for the government authorities hence these types of cases are happening on a daily basis in different parts of India. I respect your feelings which are related to an animal who can’t speak.  But have you thought what type of environment you are creating by sharing such nonsense on Whatsapp, Facebook, and various other platforms? The government has already declared a ban on cow’s meat and being a responsible citizen of this country you should report such illegal cases to the authorities.

In different cases, the Dalit’s were a victim only because of their profession which deals with the dead animals. In many cases, these fraud Gau rakshaks had beaten the Muslim meat sellers to death only because they were not confirmed about what type of meat they were selling.  Many people will abuse me with their favorite slangs in the comment section, but I am aware of what types of posts they are sharing on the internet.

There are particular groups which are being run by such fake Gau Rakshaks who relates these posts to religion and patriotism. Many protests had happened, and many promises are made, but we can’t deny the fact that these groups enjoy tremendous Political support.  They have every reason to break the penal code, and they do it without thinking twice.

I have seen the conditions of Gaushalas and many Cows on the Indian roads as I am not living in a Porsche area. In this summer seasons, they are looking shelter, food, and water but they are on the roads under the direct heat.  I have seen cows eating plastic bags because they can’t open it to enjoy the cooked meal thrown to them.  But never seen a Gaurakshak who is educating the over educated person of our society.

It is not only the cows who are on the streets out there who need attention, but these vigilantes have not enough time to think about them. I am fully supporting every person who is fighting against animal cruelty, but the concept of Gau Rakshaks is not right at all.  First, do duties which can be done by not letting them eat garbage. Say no to plastic bags and manage fodder and water to an area where these cows rest. Gaushalas are good, but they need to be checked for proper working.

Do share if I missed something here and come up with more innovative ideas to make the condition better for these animals.

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