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How did Arvind Kejriwal manage to avert the midnight Coup inside the Aam Aadmi Party?

After the Bharatiya Janata Party triumphed over Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party, Kejriwal has promised a full-fledged coup within his party. Moreover, the leadership of the Aam Admi Party is quite confident about the fact that the national ruling party BJP has remote-controlled a plan to create unrest within the AAP so that they can take control of the Delhi government. As per the inputs obtained from the AAP sources, one of the legislators had called upon water minister Kumar Vishwas and told him that around 34 MLAs are ready to accept a change in the leadership of AAP. Arvind Kejriwal was present when this conversation happened.

It also speculated that Mishra would be projected as the new candidate for the post of Chief Minister and Vishwas was to be projected as the national convener. However, this major disaster was averted in time by some alert MLAs and a young officer who wasted no time in informing the party supreme Kejriwal. These officials were working in the office of Mishra when this incident took place.

It was mere coincidence that after the happening of this event, the MLA of Okhla Amanatullah Khan raised the context of Vishwas who approached him to create a split in the party. Moreover, MLA Khan has also gone to the extent of charging four MLAs and a minister in the conspiracy to overthrow the AAP regime. Additionally, according to some inside sources, Khan was ousted from the PAC department of AAP, and later, he was also suspended from the party. Vishwas was handed over the reins of AAP in Rajasthan. But according to a majority of the party sources, this crisis is far from over.

On the flipside, the sources who are close to Kejriwal have stated that the party chief is not under any illusion regarding the solutions to the woes of a split. Moreover, the veteran AAP leader is quite convinced that the national ruling party would undertake several efforts to create dissension in his party.

However, according to other political experts, Kejriwal’s confidence might have taken a battering after the national party led by Narendra Modi has registered the victory in a comprehensive manner in the recently concluded state polls in Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore, the BJP government has also won by a significant margin in the Delhi municipal elections. The trend of aligning with the ruling party is a commonly observed fact in other Indian states too. On the other hand, after the victory of the BJP in the civic polls of Delhi, the Centre has prohibited itself from going forward with certain matters that have direct links with elections. For instance, a law officer from the Central government has stated in the high court that the Lieutenant Governor would not pressurize the AAP government to pay Rupees 97 crore as expenditure for the election advertisements.

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