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How Mehbooba Mufti was driven away by the Kashmiri women from a function

Mehbooba Mufti has again faced the wrath of the Kashmiri commoners. The chief minister was forced to exit from a function. For the local women’s self-help group, The Rural Development arranged this program just outside the SKICC convention center where all the workers of the group shouted words against her and also flung chairs in the air. Mehbobba Mufti was escorted out of the situation to avoid a protest. She tried to rephrase the entire incident to the reporters in the light that she was trying to help the protesting ladies at the rally and she will very much continue to communicate with them on this issue. The ruckus that day started when during the morning, some members of the self-help group of South Kashmir started to utter slogans against Mehbooba Mufti who had arrived there. The slogans mostly referred to the incident that took place in Kashmir in the past July. The slogans were based on the theme of freedom or ‘Azadi.’

When Mehbooba Mufti was about to turn up at the function, the audience and protestors were whisked away. The very arrival of the chief minister sparked the protestors to start shouting at her. Witnesses say that the unruly or baseless rumor of an earthquake dismantled the total strength of the number of people at the function. The program started with the prayer ritual called ‘naath.’ After that, the women at the back of the audience started shouting slogans against her. Mehbooba Mufti rushed towards her security. Soon, it was seen that the hall was full of chairs which were flung up in their air. Witnesses also say that the rumors of an earthquake itself made the audience bewildered. After the chaos had been settled by the administration, the program was started again.

For your information, this rally is considered to be the biggest all-woman rally which is organized by the Government’s project ‘Umeed’ under the State Rural Livelihood Mission. The participants were brought to the venue of Kashmir International Convention Center for ‘training’ purpose on the field of arts and crafts. A woman participant said that the training officers that had come to the center to train them had a different purpose for their visit. Their anger burst out when they saw the chief minister entering the arena. Another participant commented that the government and its officials had the intention of using them for political purposes. The women are not ready to tolerate this because either their sons or their husbands are beaten up or killed every day.

Mufti left the arena twenty minutes ahead of her schedule. There was panic everywhere. The participants were large in number and reports say that one even lost consciousness in the chaos. Mufti’s security officials say that they were able to smell trouble when they appeared at the convention. They even asked Mufti to avoid the place. The administrative officials bundled the women in vans and sent them back to their villages.

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