Islamic Elections: How is it different from other countries?

The people of Iran headed to elect their 12th ever president on 19th May 2017. Elections in all countries are almost the same but these elections differ from other countries in a variety of ways. Irani people voted for the person they consider worthy of becoming their president. The whole election process and the powers that the president will have differ a lot from other countries.

Iran’s system is quite complicated. The main elections are organized to elect the president, the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the assembly of experts. The president is regarded as the head of the government with the chief legislative body being the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Then comes the Assembly of Experts into play, highly powerful and esteemed members that choose a person who becomes the Supreme Leader. Supreme Leader as the name indicates serves as the head of the state and exercises more powers than the president. This Supreme Leader further appoints his team of 12 members that forms the Guardian Council. The Guardian Council has the power of approving the candidates that takes part in elections. This means that all the candidates for the legislature, presidency and Assembly of Experts ought to be approved by this body. The Iranian political system is designed in such a way so as to safeguard the interests of the Supreme leader.

At present Avatollah Khamenei is the supreme leader of the country and he is reining in this position for over 28 years. All the candidates for the president were selected by the Guardian Council that works under the Supreme Leader and was formed by him. So it means that the president would be a member who is approved by the council. The council chooses those members whom it trusted would never rebel against Avotallah, the Supreme Leader.

This year, Guardian Council disqualified 1962 candidates from running into the elections for the president. These 1692 disqualified candidates included all 137 women who wanted to run in the election. Finally 6 men were selected to compete for the position of president by the council headed by Avotallah. However, one of them withdrew his name on 15th May 2017 which finally left 5 candidates in the race.

The people of the country came in good numbers and voted for the president. Hassan Rouhani the former president won for the second time and was re-elected as the president. He received 23.5 million votes over 15.7 votes of his opponent Ebrahim Raisi. He received 57.13 per cent of the total votes. He has a huge role to play. He is expected to combat several domestic issues and uphold as well as preserve the Iran Nuclear Deal which will make Iran enter into the global market.

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