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Reasons that make Mamta Banerjee’s Government Undefeated in The Regional Politics

She is the face of Bengal, the CM of West Bengal and Trinamool Congress Supremo- Mamta Banerjee.  A daughter of Bengal is now ruling the state is winning the hearts of its people.  The party which she represents in now again chosen with a clear majority of the people of West Bengal to rule and the opposition has no longer any chances to create any obstacle in the policy making.  What were the reasons of the winning and how this happened? If these are the questions in your mind, then you are not reading the regular happenings of West Bengal.

Let me give you a tour of the things which made it happen.

TMC Ensured Development:

The people of Bengal voted for TMC because the state had seen what happened under the ruling of previous governments. The party came with the motto of development and made the desired changes. Although the state is not turned into Singapore or any developed region where everything is almost perfect, the efforts of the party people have been appreciated. This also inspires the other areas to be progressive, and if the people are not satisfied then you need to make some serious efforts otherwise the seats will be lost.  From Education, Toiletries to Employment, the TMC did a commendable job.

A positive attempt of Social Engineering

Like the whole country, West Bengal is a state where different communities reside hence it is always difficult to make every sect happy. Many groups of cultivators which include Bengal’s largest Dalit caste Matua sect, the Namashudras and other Rural Muslim Bengalis were once a strong supporter of  CPI(M), but the incident of Nandigram in 2007 is not easy to forgive. These people too believe that change is necessary and the people voted for it.

Pro-poor Agendas

Mamta is popular for her actions which she had taken in the past for the benefits of poor. Poverty is always one of the biggest reasons of under development hence should be on the Hit list of every government. In 2012, Mamta was in the news for scrapping the Special Economic Zone policy of the state. She was against the repealing of the land ceiling act which was the reason of dispute between Anandabazar Patrika Group–Trinamool.  In 2011 when she came to power, the CM ordered to return the land to farmers of Singur which was acquired for Tata Nano plant.

Increased spending on Development Projects

For any state, the development is not measured on paper as it people wants to feel the comfort with some real projects. By Doubling tax revenue in the state in the past five years, many new projects have been funded got completed successfully.

The opposition party like BJP has also gained the support in some regions which may be a cause of concern for TMC. Mamta is trying her best to save her reign from the “MODI WAVE, ” but the seed of Hindutva can be a big deal.

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