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Superstar Rajni Can Do Anything, and Now the State Politics is the New Playground

We love Rajnikanth because of his portrayal of strong personalities in both Bollywood and South Indian Movies.  It is the unlimited action and roles of a noble man which gives him the status of a god in the South Indian Cinema. With every new release, there is a new record on the regional box office, and the Hindi dubbed movies are also popular in the Indian territories.  The Internet loves him and full of Memes and GIFs where he is defending an impossible situation.  His fans celebrate every release like a festival and his birthday is also a reason for celebration for his people.

The sixty-six years old superstar has now created a big buzz in the Tamil Nadu where the people believe he could join Politics to fight the system.  The rumors are now turning to reality where in a press conference he addressed his fans and followers to get ready for a change. The actor also expressed his love and faith in the people of Tamil Nadu and admitted that how much he loves this state.

According to him, he spent the longest and the best time in Tamil Nadu where he is residing for more than 44 years. He also said his ancestors were related to this land and his father was also born here.  Mentioning the names of many political leaders in the press conference, he expressed his confidence on Stalin, the opposition leader of the state.  The superstar asked his fans that the corrupt system is required to be changed.

It is not the first time an Actor or actress in Indian Politics is showing their interest in changing the system. It has happened before and the last CM of the state, Jayalalitha was also from the show business.  The popularity which they gain from the Movies has helped many to win the elections, and in the case of Rajni, he always depicted the role of an ordinary man that fights for the rights of the people. A man against all socio-cultural evils and who believes in equality. He won the box offices of regional cinemas, and if he enters in the Politics, then there are strong chances of his Victory. The fame he earned from cinema can be a big help to win the seat of his constituency.

Although he didn’t declare it officially, but the state politics have gain temperature as everybody wants to him to be in his/ her party. We have seen the Modi wave in many parts of India which helped BJP to win a clear majority, but the party is not successful in this region independently.  The equations can be changed this time Rajni’s wave can be the reason for a win, but it depends on what is going on in the mind of “Kabaali.”

Right now his fans are excited with such conference as it happened after a very long time. Best wishes for 2.0 and the decision you make.


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