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The Pakistani Military feeling more confident, thanks to Jadhav and Jindal

Since the 1950’s the trouble and conflict that arose at the time when both India and Pakistan came at the same position of geographical vitality, the present condition of antagonism has reached the highest level with even more intensely with extreme bitterness than the past. Both the nations share a limited formal communication with intensified finger pointing. The problems mainly arise due to the different concepts of the decision makers and their differences.

The civilian leaders of Islamabad and India may have an aspiration of outstanding disputes and peace, but this desire cannot get a figure while the secret negotiation runs within the political aspect of the two governments. The Pakistani military has constructed and excited the statement that their caterers can alone assure the security of the ideological and territorial integrity of the nation and the arguments between India and Pakistan may not be reconciled by the prime minister whose future is questionable because of the accusation of corruption. Pakistan Prime Minister Sharif has stated to the mighty army of the country that his meeting with the Indian steel industrialist Sajjan Jindal last month was a segment of the diplomacy of the back-channels.

Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa is under the confidence of Sharif, BBC Urdu reported.  Major General Asif Ghafoor has recently announced of his withdrawal from the tweet. It is not an indicator by Sharif, who currently has the power to proceed further in India. The decision of Sharif to send a contradictory message through the business persona Sajjan Jindal did not run well with the establishment and the supporters of Pakistan. The former ambassador of Pakistan who has a sympathetic cognizance of the institution’s point of view has tweeted about the meeting: “No conspiracy but totally uncool to run ‘backchannel’ talks with one businessman representing both India and Pakistan. That’s the wrong channel”.

The performance of Rehman perhaps talks with her track two channel. In actuality, it is a de facto augmentation of track one from each side of the nation because the two countries have no official connections. Rehman’s words somewhat represent their discomposure to the Jindal Visit. It is special because the construction didn’t find it refreshing that the information of Jindal’s meeting with Sharif in Muree within an hour went viral in social media because of the involvement of the print and electronic media.

Sharif perhaps arranged the visas for processing for the various people on their arrival. This also includes Jindal who appeared in Lahore for his surprise visit along with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi in 2005. The questions evolving due to this arrival were kept under control and publicity was restricted. But Jindal Visit at that time raised many questions. Some numbers are in the air that Jindal may have visited the hill area without a legal visa. If rules are the last path governor, then Sharif could not approve a visa dispensation for his Indian guest.

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