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This time Lalu Yadav is ready to turn the tables but How?

When we talk about regional politics in India, Lalu Yadav is a name which everybody knows. The politician is not only known for his successful career as the Railway Minister but also for his names in some serious scams. A politician knows how to win the politics, and hence Lalu Yadav is managing his feet by using every lesson of Indian Polity. His family relations are also active in the politics hence here we are talking about a huge Political background.

The things are not easy for a politician when the opposition is ruling the nation. Lalu himself admits it and now claiming to uproot the government in 2019.  This is not the first time when he is in the news as his previous press conferences after the “Maha Gatbhandhan” was based on these points. We are not sure what is cooking in the coalition government where Nitish is the present CM of Bihar, but a parallel government is being run under the guidance of Lalu.

He is an educated and experienced politician, but sometimes these things are not noticeable when he speaks. He was the CM of his time and do handle a reputed Ministry of Railways for Government of India, but Bihar & Railways has not gained much under his ruling. Some serious cases of Scams, Casteism, and communalism, were occurred during his era. The condition is not the best but getting better since went to jail.

For the people of Bihar, this man may have taken some steps, but vote count is not in his favor. The voter is getting educated and looking for a change hence there is a need to know your people. As said earlier, Politics is not always an easy thing, and the lack of transparency in the system makes it difficult to understand. We admit that the native of state can understand this situation better. They do need development, and for that, the corruption is the first and last thing to be finished. An educated candidate like Lalu Prasad Yadav could have done it better, but the chance has gone.

He is not on the seat of CM right now, but his party people are playing a significant role in the ruling. These people can do it differently by working for the people. Casteism and Nepotism should no longer be supported by the government which will help real talent to have a seat they deserve. Indian Voters are looking for a change, change where unemployment & poverty no longer prevails.  They votes for development and every time felt cheated.

If Lalu Yadav is claiming to back in the arena with a big support, then he does need to make some serious changes in his plans.  You can’t ask for votes when you already failed to deliver your promises.  Play by the rules and show what you can do for the betterment of your people.

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