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What if you are both Indian as well as Pakistani? The current partition story

The partition of India and Pakistan was the procedure of splitting up the denominational lines of the countries in the year 1947 as India achieved its independence from the continued British rule. The northern continent of the nation contained with Muslim section gained their identity as Pakistan, and the southern part stood as the Republic of India. In the year 1885, the predominated Hindu rule of the Indian National Congress came into sight. In the month of August 1947, nearly after 300 years, the British Raj finally left India creating a division between the continents of India: Muslim Majority Pakistan, and Hindu Majority India. This caused one of the largest migrations in human history as many Muslims migrated to the West and East Pakistan (known as Bangladesh). On the other hand, millions of Sikhs and Hindus began to move in the opposite direction. Thousands of people never made it and got killed in the riots between the communities that the British rulers left as a legacy.

The strong division that took place before seventy years has effectively cost millions of lives, tearing families apart. According to Vazira Zamindar, the long division continued for many more years even after they gained their independence as an impenetrable wall. The relationship between the nations got affected and simultaneously worsened. The countless trauma of partition took away the desire to live from the people. Thousands of innocent lives suffered imprisonment because of their unknown steps into the territory of the borders. Parents got separated from their children, and siblings never met their brother and sisters. Fishers and the rural farmers too got arrested for no reason at all and suffered punishment for unknown reasons. People who lived with their family around the borders got killed during random firing by both the country’s military forces without any judgment of mercy. With the flexibility of army muscles, both countries suffered taking countless lives under their feet.

Now, the real ties between both the countries can only be achieved through the exchange of ideas, skills, knowledge, love and affection. It is not the countries or the religion that separated the lives. It is the innocence and division of minds that did. Shortly, more visas will be rejected, more cards will get confiscated, and the division wall will become stronger and higher. The partition bell that the British rang years ago will not disappear suddenly. But also, living side by side for centuries and sharing a common heritage and culture, sharing bonds of affection will not erase quickly. They might keep trying to grow hatred among the countries forever, but we should not stop believing that we are not fundamentally separated and must resist the envy that has caused only loss and regret. Instead, we must remember the fact that no one has come to the earth with their own and separate origin. The bond is not based on any written piece of paper or flimsy booklets or plastic cards that can be weakened easily.

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