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Yogi’s portrayal of women: Congress asks BJP’s UP CM’s article and demand for apology

If to be believed from the perspective of Congress, then according to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, all Indian, independent and powerful women from Kalpana Chawla to Rani Lakshmi Bai, all are equal to demons. The Congress directly alleged on BJP leader that the Uttar Pradesh chief minister had insulted all the women’s by writing an article on his website.

Yogi has mentioned in his article that if any women traits courage or power, and if the energy is left uncontrolled, it can turn destructive. The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has mentioned truth in his latest article on criticism on his website: www.yogiadityanath.in, said by the Congress.

Taking strong action to Adityanath’s report, Congress has demanded the chief minister to apologize to all the women for his disrespectable and offensive remarks against the women of India and also withdraw the article from his website immediately.

Randeep Surjewala, a Congress leader, mentioned that P.M Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah must take action against this comments against all the Indian women passed by Adityanath and should also issue him the advisory letter to not use such disrespectful language to dishonor India’s women power.

Narendra Modi spoke about the equality of women, respect and also about fighting for injustice against the women of India irrespective of caste, religion, or color in Odisha. The same thing was also said by Adityanath about the equality, same rights for Indian women. He wrote the article in the year 2010 and later uploaded on 12th April 2017, after becoming Chief Minister. On the one hand, he mentions of the freedom and liberty of women, and on the other hand, his article speaks something different.

He further added that in his article Adityanath said that women always need protection. As the energy cannot be left independent or uncontrolled, even the women can never be left separate as this can lead to the destruction of them.

In the article, he also added that a female doesn’t need to be protected whether by her father, brother, husband or son. Women can never be independent and do not even deserve to decide for her because she always needs the support of men in every situation. The more shocking statement that he added is if a man is getting the same attributes as women of compassion, love, humility, then he is equal to God. But if a woman is powerful, brave then she becomes a demon.

In regards to the article of Adityanath, it means that Jhansi ki Rani, Lakshmi Sehgal or Lakshmi Bai served nothing in their contributions to India’s freedom movement.

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