10 Movies to watch after getting Dumped

All of us go through break-ups and as we all know, breakups can be difficult. Very difficult. The kind of misery that breakup brings along cannot be put in words. Everyone’s way of dealing with breakup can be different, some people choose to laugh it off while some shut themselves indoors. Time is the only way to heal this pain, however, involving yourself in various activities can put your mind off those terrible thoughts. Here’s a list of movies that can help divert your mind while you are going through this phase.


Hands down, Queen! Everyone who has watched this movie will advise you to watch it again. If you have just been dumped, this movie will teach you the benefits of traveling, meeting new people, and of course, to get over your breakup. If nothing else, you’ll connect with Kangana like never before

Someone Like You

Which girl doesn’t want to see Hugh Jackman shirtless?  Moreover, ‘Someone Like You’ gives us the belief in love and friendship.

Silver Linings Playbook

The magic Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence make together onscreen is definitely something to give your time to! Bipolar and a divorcee (Bradley) meets widowed Jennifer and they together participate in a dance competition. The movie portrays various emotions in a beautiful manner.

The Holiday

The movie gives a beautiful Christmasy feeling and is a must watch if you have just got dumped. It is more than a delight to watch in winters. And of course, Jude Law *aahhh*.

Eat, Pray, Love

Nothing in this world has the ability to break you down. Julia Roberts and Eat, Pray, Love inspires you to introspect within yourself and live life like never before.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

The list has to have this story of the girl-next-door struggling with every aspect of life. We find a reflection of ourselves in this movie. Go grab some popcorn or maybe an ice-cream tub and fall in love with the characters.

The First Wives Club

This might be an old movie and may not bring you the motivation to sit down and search for it. But trust me, once you start with it, you will only stop when it ends. The movie shows how three women put themselves together after they are dumped by their husbands. It gives a beautiful depiction of the strength of faith and friendship.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill doesn’t really need a reason to be –re-watched. What happens when movie star falls in love with a bookstore owner? What I totally love about this movie is that it tells us that happy endings do happen and things like difference in background, finances, and professions don’t really matter when it’s true love.

Dear Zindagi

No movie gets you over a breakup as the Bollywood movie, Dear Zindagi does. Add to it flawless performances by Alia and Shahrukh. Learn to understand the positive changes that breakup brings in you by watching ‘Dear Zindagi’.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama

If ‘Dear Zindagi’ brings out the best in you, ‘Pyaar Ka Punchanama’ brings out the realization of how big a fool you had been. A hilarious take on relationships, this movie is a must watch if you have just been dumped or are going through a troublesome relationship.

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