5 Famous Lies of a Married Man – All You Need to Know

Are you proud of dating a married man? We are not going to judge you for seeing a married man. Love does not knock the door of our hearts and ask for permission to enter! Love just happens and it happens without any notice. If you are in love with a married man, you should think about it twice. Is there any future with your married man? If he told you he was married and you got into the relationship knowing his present then you are responsible for it. However there are women who get into the relationship without knowing the truth. One fine day, they get a call from the wife and your world tears apart. We know how it feels! Married men lie and they do it flawlessly. We have listed the 5 Famous Lies of a Married Man. You will be able to relate to it for sure!

‘’I wish I had met you before”

This is the most famous lie that married men use to lure the poor girl. The trouble here is that he cannot change the past but he can change the present and future by giving a divorce to his wife. He is not doing it! What does that tell you?

“I have children”

If he had children, he should’ve thought about it before getting into an affair with another woman. What kind of a man cheats when he has little children? Married men with children do not leave their wives. It is a fact!

“We do not sleep together”

Are you kidding me? He is living in the same house as the wife and he is telling you that he is sleeping in the next room? You must be next level crazy because you are giving him what he wants for free. She is warming his bed every night and you are wetting your pillow with your tears for no reason.

“My wife is mean to me”

If your wife is so mean to you, you should leave her and start a new life. Why won’t you leave your wife and live a happy life? What is it that is so hard to understand?

“I don’t love her. I love you”

Dear married men, if you do not love your wife – you ought to leave her and not produce more babies with her. You are wasting your time with a man who is lying to you about his relation with his wife.

The whole idea about married men lying to get some attention and sex is bizarre. If sex and attention is all you need then there are women who can give it to you for free without you acting like an innocent lamb. It is heartbreaking to see women in relationships with married men because the man is playing with her feelings and wasting her time. It is time to put an end to it, ladies. Your relationship is not going anywhere! Be true to yourself.



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