5 Ways to Spruce up Your Relationship

Every person enters a relationship with butterflies in their stomach and a fuzzy warmth in their chest. It starts with late night phone calls and long walks on the beach, with heart shaped chocolates and shared sundaes.

But what happens when your intimacy hits an unmovable ceiling? Do you pack your bags and walk out the door? Seems lucrative but is not viable my friend. There’s no relationship in the world that does not hit a snag. It takes some amount of effort to get over these hurdles and make the relationship work. Here are 5 ways to spruce up your relationship:

Switch off your devices and talk to each other

Believe it or not, your partner has a lot of stories to tell you, if you only listen. Take an hour out from your busy schedules to just sit and talk about your day, your work or about the weather, it doesn’t really matter what.

Conversation is something that usually fades away, as you get busier with daily routine. Making a conscious effort to sit down and chat will do more than any paid counsellor.

Revisit old memories

It helps to relive old memories. Remember how you get hit with pangs of nostalgia when you bite into a chocolate or see a see-saw at a park? It brings childhood memories back. The same way, when you visit places that were your favorite spots as a couple, it revitalizes your memories and brings back happy feelings.

Walk into the café you had your first date in, walk down the boulevard where you stole the first kiss, or just sit on the park bench where you first professed your love.

Share a Hobby

Doing activities together is a great way to bond. Pick a hobby you both enjoy, like painting, learning to play an instrument or running, and do it at least twice a week, together. Help each other out and improve together, just like you did back in college. Trust me, it will work wonders.

You might just end up bringing out a Picasso or a Beethoven in one another.

Cook Sunday lunch together

A family that eats together, lives together. It doesn’t matter if it is the wife, husband or cook who makes meals for the family on weekdays. On a Sunday make it a point to give all the helping hands a break and cook a scrumptious meal together, as a couple.

Remember, the aim here is to have fun with one another, not fight about the chores at hand. Divide work equally, put on some music, sip on some wine and just have fun

Spice up Sex

It is important to keep the physical attraction and sexual intimacy alive. When sex becomes a task, you can consider your relationship over. Change locations, have sex in every corner of your house and take trips to hotels around the city to get a change of location. Role play, turn up the kinkiness, whatever it takes to keep the heat alive.

Try to remember why you began dating. It’s because you love each other, and that means no matter the hurdle, you can overcome it.

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