Are You In A Healthy Relationship Or Not?

An objective in life concerning relationships is that all of us want to have a happy life with our partners, even though that will require efforts from our side. A relationship is termed healthy depending on how it runs in aspects of goals, communication, love, response to issues, and responsibilities. The obligations of each of the parties involved and how they carry them out also counts. A healthy relationship is not necessarily one that does not have misunderstandings but one that always finds a way out of each kind of disagreement amicably.

A healthy relationship, therefore, could be known as the following but still not limited to them. To an extent, each and every relationship is run by the parties involved, and so their approaches may slightly vary. A healthy relationship, therefore, could be known when;

  • The parties involved encourage each other to greater heights of growth and change, inspiring each other to be a better person
  • Both partners are on the same page concerning their fundamental values, and life objectives and both the partners have common goals, and the two know what they want to have in life.
  • The involved parties discuss matters and issues openly because there is a strong bond or sense of trust between them. Each of the partners is free and able to talk and discuss the good, the bad and even the ugly about everything with no hidden agenda and nothing is hidden from their past life.

A healthy relationship is also depicted or known when the partners make decisions together. If you’re both transparent with one another about finances, preferences, likes and even dislikes, there is hardly any chance of disagreements. Making decisions together keeps you both on the same page, so you’ve always got each other’s back and support. Most of the decisions will not get you by surprise and therefore, minimize the chances of either of you getting upset with what you did not know was happening in your relationship.

Forgiveness is also another sign of a healthy relationship when two people are in a relationship. It would be almost impossible to avoid disagreements altogether so having the ability to talk it out and go over it is key. Forgiveness is more than just saying sorry but working through the conflict to the point that even if you remember what the disagreement was, you do not get angry or upset.

Relationships sometimes need space and time for individuals. Letting each one of the partners have some time just for them to breathe and relax is paramount. It is important because it gives each of the partners’ time to reflect on themselves. This is not the time to suspect your partner as that could potentially harm your relationship too.

A relationship, on the other hand, is deemed unhealthy if there is a complete breakdown of communication and the disagreements are not dealt with immediately bringing up a pile of issues that give birth to mistrust.

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