Busy Office Hours Being the Demon to Your Love Life? Here is what You Can Do

Are you fed up with your messed up relationship? Is your busy working schedule the culprit? If your answer is a big YES then you are at the right place.

Maintaining the equilibrium between the professional and personal life is a centuries-old problem. There are people who keep their relationship’s chariot moving conquering all odds and then there are people who remain clueless all the time and end up running both the worlds welcoming melancholy in the life.

New Year, new resolutions, new responsibilities and new targets; where is the time for your sugar coated dates? Works and responsibilities will keep piling up but need to steal some hours from your busy life to let your relationship breath.

Basic Problems Due to a Busy Life    

  • Different working schedules of both the partners make the relation bitter
  • Too much travelling increases the physical and communicational distance
  • Getting a little time to spend together on the weekends but the week-long hectic schedule makes you too tired
  • On the bed, you can mostly think of Sleep than other stuff – it’s very sad
  • Messages and notes replace the sweet conversations on the weekdays
  • Both the partners complain each other about their sincerity and inclination towards the relationship
  • Paying bills, fixing household problems, meeting people, cleaning home and doing miscellaneous tasks add business to your already busy life
  • There are chances of fast detachment if the partners don’t live together under a single roof
  • Trust issues or infidelity

What Can You Do?

There are chances to regain the sweetness and flexibility in the relationship even after it is messed up to an extent. If the command of your bow is in your hands, it’s you who has to give the best shot. Here are some useful and proven tips that can save your relationship and bring the disoriented love-train back on the track.

  • Plan a Quality Date – No matter what’s the first number of your age or when you last planned a date, it’s never too late to make things work planning a great date again where you strictly say no to the official calls, problem discussion and other worldly stuff. All you need to do is talk about each other and share the feelings.
  • Hobbies can Bring Both Together – If both of you share a common hobby or interest, it can do wonders for your relationship. Fix a specific time every day for your interests or hobbies and that will help you maintain regular communication.
  • Call Friends, Family or Colleagues at Home – When the near and dear people often visit your place, you can expect an escape from your professional life. You can all discuss stuffs together on the dining table and when the guests leave, both of you can have lots of things to discuss with each other before hitting the sack.
  • Utilize Technology to Build up Relationship – Phone and emails can be used to text or email each other with sweet greetings and that won’t eat up much time.
  • Get blended – Yes, you heard it right! Get blended. You can call your partner to get involved in every minor and major thing happening in your life. It will boost not just build the mutual connection but the social connection will also blossom.

There is no smartness in keep indulging yourself in the heap of never ending work and pressure in order to chase money and success leaving your precious relationship behind. If your relationship happened with your affirmation then it’s your responsibility to take it further. But again, it takes two to tango and therefore both the partners have to put endeavors to make it work.

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