Divorce in India and how to solve it

Marriage is considered sacred in the Indian culture and divorce is seen a blasphemy. No matter what happens in marriage, be it right or wrong, the Indian culture does not believe in divorce. Indians believe that marriage is a lifetime commitment, and if challenges occur along the way, you should live with them or fix them. Besides, you should not let everyone know that you are facing challenges in your marriage. Indians believe that you should remain married to your spouse despite his or her condition; even if you think that the pastures are greener on the other side of the fence.
That idea is correct though the Indian parents should understand the behavior of the current generation. The Indian community should understand the lack of tolerance is one of the reasons why many marriages are breaking.

Acknowledging that marriages fail and walking away from that marriage should be an option of the last resort. No person likes divorcing. Before divorce occurs a lot of efforts are usually put in place to prevent the separation, but if these efforts do not bear fruit divorce remains the only option. Parents should understand that their sons or daughters could have sacrificed months or even years trying to bring issues to order in their marriages before they opt for a divorce. Therefore, parents should at times cut the slack to their kids when they walk out of wedlock. However, the parents should always intervene in advance.

Parents should that remember thatthey experienced marital conflicts too, and that effective conflict resolution is the reason why they are still married up to date. Parents should understand that success of marriage is not based on remaining in your marriage all the days of your life. Holding onto a failing marriage does not help if both parties are not making the necessary steps to resolve the issues. Guardians should become proud of their kids who divorce when things do not work out well in their marriages because their children show courage as to why they leave. It is better to divorce rather that remain in a marriage where no couple can face each other. Divorcing at times is the only option to get out of a marriage that turns out too bitter day in day out.

Divorce does not mean life has come to an end as the society puts it. However, divorce affects the kids in plenty of negative ways. One of the reasons why couples divorce is the inability to understand each other. In most cases, the parents cannot resolve the issues on behalf of their kids. The best antidote against divorce is to consult a marriage counselor. Marriage counselors will listen to both parties and in the process, unearth the bone of contention. Considering that a known problem is half solved, the marriage counselor develops a conflict resolution regimen that fits both parties perfectly. Apparently, preventing a divorce before it occurs is one of the best gifts that you can give to such a couple and their children.

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