Don’t Be Too Close To Your Friends As “Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori ”

Many people will laugh at the title of this post, but some readers got the Idea about the post.  We are living in a world where we can join anybody virtually at any corner of this world. Skype, Instagram, Facebook & apps like Whatsapp, Hike, etc. keeps us connected.  If you can’t travel then see the world through the eyes of your friends but all these things are just making us limited to the virtual world. But what if I say it is good to maintain a distance? Here I am talking about not only the virtual but also from the social and private life of your friends.

Be Supportive but up to a limit:

Now with the available technology, it is easy to monitor the happenings, and we love to keep our besties with us every time. Do not be possessive about them as they have their life and they have some decisions to make. You can’t control everything here as it is the experience from which they need to learn.  You can’t feed them every success they want to own in their life. It also degrades the values of the things you have done for them as self-earned things are always precious.

Respect their Privacy: If your friend is keeping secrets and not sharing with you, then you can’t force him or her to tell you. Either you have betrayed their faith in you, or they simply don’t want to tell you. You should respect their decisions and ensure them the bond is intact. When the right time comes, he or she will open to the things to you.

Don’t be Bossy:  We hate our bosses because they always talk about more work. Discuss the things which they want to discuss but not always. You must be aware of what you and your friends are capable of hence do not pressurize him or her to be something which they are not.  If you are bossy to your friend, then he or she may compare you with his/her parents which is always a little awkward to be faced.

Take the Right Decision:

This is the point where you must know that things are out of your zone. When it comes to joining the family of your friend for a right guidance, then do it.  This can be a critical point of your friendship as he may or may not like it at all, but if he or she understands your concern, then there is no point of getting angry. You know that you are doing a right thing and it is your call to get the things normal.

Know your Limits:

Sometimes when we are with our best buddies, we attempt something which is not acceptable at all. We start it for fun, but it can create huge trouble. If you can sense the bad outcome, then there is no shame to be a part of it. Try your best to make him or her aware because you are not in a Bollywood movie.

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