Fun and Romantic Movies you Must-Watch with your love

Are you and your love a big movie buff? Movies have the power to change relationships. They carry a message and most of the stories shown are based on real life. You can relate to the movies and pin point, “Oh, I should’ve done the same like Mary did!” Movies are an important part of every relationship. When you are bushed after work, you would want to just lie down in his comfortable arms and watch a heart-warming romantic movie. Romantic movies can lighten up your mood and end up on a good note. Plus you learn a lot of things about love from so many movies. Here is our list of favorite love movies that every couple should watch.

The UGLY Truth

A man will be able to relate to this movie because women are usually trying to find a man who ticks her boxes. Katherine Heigl plays the role of Abby, a show producer who is romantically unlucky. She meets Gerard Butler as Mike and he helps her find love through his master theories. Mike is a kinky character who just cannot think of anything but sex.  When Abby successfully finds love with the help of Gerard aka Mike – they both realize that there is something special between them.

There’s something about Mary

This is such a funny yet romantic movie. Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller have done a fantastic job in this movie. In the movie, every guy is behind Mary. Ben Stiller plays the role of Ted. He has been in love with Mary since a long time and he goes to find her. There are many men behind her which means the competition is tough. Will Ben get the girl? Watch the movie to find out!

If Only

If only is a tragic movie and it will bring tears to your eyes. You have to watch this movie with your partner because it is such a moving movie. Men who are too busy with their work life should watch it with their girls. The tragic end makes our hearts melt and eyes moist. This is a must watch movie for all the couples.

Good Luck Chuck

This is another fun movie on our list. Chuck is an unlucky man who is not able to find the girl of his dreams. Whenever he sleeps with a woman, the next day the girl finds the man of her dreams. He plays good luck charm for the ladies who sleep with him. Chuck falls in love with a beautiful girl called Cam. He is so much in love with her that he will not sleep with her because he is afraid that he would lose her. There are a lot of steamy scenes in the movie that you and your partner would enjoy.

PS I love you

Love never dies. The theme of the movie is based around that and we completely agree. The movie is about two people. The man dies but he helps his girl to move on through letters that he wrote before his death. He sends her for karaoke, a pre planned trip and much more. This movie is heartbreaking as well as moving. You will be able to relate to most scenes! This is an epic love story and there is a novel as well. It is a must watch!

You are still on the couch! How about making some popcorn and getting cozy on the bed with your love? Take a holiday and watch these love movies with your partner. We are sure you both will love them so much!

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